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Amethyst Rings

Amethyst Rings

Amethyst is a lovely violet-purple gemstone with a long and vibrant history. It's the most valued and precious gemstone belonging to the quartz group of minerals, making a jewellery piece from our collection of amethyst rings perfect for any occasion! It's also recognised as the official birthstone of February, making amethyst jewellery the ideal gift choice for anyone who celebrates their birthday during this month!

Take a look at our beautifully designed amethyst sterling silver jewellery today to find the perfect gift for someone special…

Unique Amethyst Rings Collection

Set in the finest sterling silver, our dedicated in-house designers have been busy creating this stunning collection of amethyst rings, all of which are exclusively stamped with the Amore Argento heart logo and have a protective rhodium coating.

As purple is considered to be a royal colour, amethyst has historical importance too, and has long been associated with people of status and power. Fine amethysts even feature in the British Crown Jewels, and were also a favourite of Catherine the Great, former emperor of Russia. Known as the “stone of bishops", the beauty of amethyst jewellery was also recognised by the Christian church, and catholic bishops today still wear this exquisite gemstone.

Amore Argento, Creating Unique Jewellery Designs For Over 30 Years

Each item of jewellery is beautifully presented and delivered in an elegant gift bag with a stunning purple heart box, care card and our unique heart shaped polishing cloth. If you would like more information or advice on any of our jewellery items, get in touch with our amiable customer care team today!

Model: Configurable_9205RSILAM-N
Cherry Gelato Sterling Silver RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoWe think you’ll agree that the Gelato collection adds a hint of the style of Italy to the jewellery scene. Why settle for something mass produced, when you can have something unique? The colours have been carefully picked by our des..
£42.70 £61.00
Ex Tax:£42.70
Model: Configurable_9293SILAM-K1/2
Cross My Heart Sterling Silver RingDesigned In-House by Amore ArgentoWho can put a price on class? This delightfully decadent ring is an exceptional way to express your feelings. What a romantic notion - a kiss between every gemstone. The birthstone for February is the amethyst. Used here ..
Ex Tax:£47.50
Model: Configurable_9303SILCZ/AM-K1/2
Sterling Silver Dimple RingDesigned by the Amore Argento in-house teamThe Amore silver Dimple ring designed with a touch of classic vintage, has a lovely dimpled edging surrounding a vibrant amethyst gemstone which is the birthstone for February. Everyone will love this ring with the sparkling c..
Ex Tax:£59.50
Model: Configurable_9147SILMIX-K1/2
Sterling Silver Fantasia Mix RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoThe Amore designers loved creating this fantastic symphony of colours combining multi-coloured gemstones with sterling silver bands giving this ring a vivid look that will always be in fashion. This stunning ring with its kaleidoscope..
Ex Tax:£105.00
Model: Configurable_9112SILABPGC-N
Follow The Rainbow Sterling Silver Cocktail RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoIf you’re looking for the perfect gift, then this Follow the Rainbow Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring could be it. Something for those very special people in your life who deserve nothing but the best. The design is th..
£98.00 £196.00
Ex Tax:£98.00
Model: Configurable_9126SILAPCB-K1/2
Gemma Concerto Sterling Silver Ring Designed by Amore ArgentoElegant lines and a visual treat for both formal and informal occasions, this distinctive piece will turn heads. This beautiful sterling silver ring brings together gems of blue topaz, amethyst, peridot and citrine. This beautiful ..
Ex Tax:£105.00
Model: Configurable_9226SILCZ/AM-K1/2
Iris Sterling Silver RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoIf you want something a little different then try the Iris Sterling Silver Ring. This soft spoken ring is a simple flower created from sterling silver, cabochon amethyst gemstone and cubic zirconia. The design of this ring is inspired by Iris..
Ex Tax:£79.50
Model: Configurable_6237SILCZ/AM-K1/2
Lavender Sterling Silver RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoRings are one of our favourite jewellery pieces and this one is no exception. Carefully designed to showcase a stunning semi-precious amethyst that is held into place at the shoulders, sparkling cubic zirconia brings the glitzy shimmer. ..
Ex Tax:£199.50
Model: Configurable_9262SILCZ/AMY-K1/2
Lovable You Sterling Silver RingLovable You By Amore Argento, Passionate about DesignWill you be ready to get all the compliment when you wear a piece from The Lovable Me collection of rings, earrings and necklaces? These pieces are gorgeous and just fabulous to wear. Using a vintage styling mea..
Ex Tax:£57.50
Model: Configurable_9110SILCZ/AM/BT-K1/2
Punch Cocktail Sterling Silver RingDesigned by Amore ArgentoIsn’t it time to spoil yourself with this classic cocktail design inspired ring. Bringing together vibrant colours, the gemstones of this ring are blue topaz and semi-precious amethysts. Sparkling zirconia brings the grace and ele..
Ex Tax:£256.50
Model: 9112SILAM-N

Sterling Silver Purple Haze Cocktail Ring

Designed by Amore Argento

Based on a classic cocktail ring but updated with an infusion of modern, vibrant colours with semi-precious amethyst. A beautiful and striking cocktail ring making a big statem..

Ex Tax:£229.50
Model: Configurable_9067SILCZ/AM-K1/2
Purple Plum Sterling Silver RingPurple Plum Collection is Crafted & Designed by Amore ArgentoAnother beautiful cluster ring from the Amore jewellery collection. This time, it’s stunning amethyst paired with cubic zirconia. A ring that will revive your creative imagination when it comes to j..
Ex Tax:£75.00
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