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Aquamarine Necklaces

Aquamarine Necklaces

Beautiful Ocean Blue Aquamarine Necklace Collection

Aquamarine gemstone is known for its various beautiful blue hues, from sky blue to ocean blue that compliment almost all skin tones, making our uniquely designed silver sterling aquamarine necklaces the ideal gift for women all over the world! Browse our gorgeous collection of classic and contemporary aquamarine jewellery today for the perfect gift from Amore Argento!

The aquamarine gemstone derives its name from the Latin term for seawater
Model: 9068SILCZ/AQ

Sterling Silver Aqua Blue Necklace

Aqua Blue Collection is Crafted & Designed by Amore Argento

Classic cluster necklace, updated with the Amore modern twist and containing a beautiful precious aquamarine, birthstone for March, surrounded with spa..

Ex Tax:£115.00
Model: 9169SILCZ/AQ
Camellia Aqua Sterling Silver NecklaceDesigned by Amore ArgentoThe perfect necklace to wear for days in the office, or evenings out. With a floral cluster pendant of aquamarines and cubic zirconia, the adjustable silver curb chain measures from 16in to 18in. The vibrant colour and intricate des..
Ex Tax:£175.50
Model: 9263PSILCZ/AQ

Sterling Silver Lovable Me Necklace

"Lovable Me" By Amore Argento, Passionate about Design

The Lovable Me collection of rings, earrings and necklaces do live up to their name and really are lovely to wear. This necklace has vintage styling that g..

Ex Tax:£105.00
Model: 5006SILAQ
March Birthstone Aqua Sterling Silver NecklaceThe Vita Collection of Birthstones all with Genuine Gemstones are Designed by Amore ArgentoA beautiful aquamarine gemstone necklace that promotes the sensation of calmness, trust and letting go. Believed to be used by sailors long ago as a talisman o..
Ex Tax:£47.50
Model: 9296SILAQ/CZ

Sterling Silver Reverso Aqua Necklace

Reverso Collection, Designed In House by Amore Argento

This stunning and very popular drop infinity style necklace, beautifully combines a genuine oval aquamarine overflowing with vibrant colour and enhanced..

Ex Tax:£199.50
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