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Red! The Colour Trending Fashion Shows This Autumn/Winter 2017

The star colour of the autumn/winter 2017 fashion shows this year is the fantastically bold red! According to Vogues online fashion trends article there is a 'RED alert!' as 'The fiery shade dominated the autumn/winter 2017 shows'. There were many famous brands this year parading their bold statement [...]
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Tanzanite The Gemstone 1000 Times Rarer Than A Diamond

Tanzanite is a beautiful and rare gemstone. The vibrant colours of blues and violets really make this stone look wonderful when set in jewellery. New for 2017 Amore Argento created some gorgeous pieces of Jewellery using Tanzanite a Gemstone seldom seen set in silver. You can browse through our fabulous [...]
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Aquamarine 6 Things To Know!

Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone. It looks wonderful in various items of jewellery. You can browse through our fabulous collection of aquamarine earrings , rings and necklaces on our beautiful online store, but if you'd like to [...]
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9 Incredible Facts, Myths and Legends About Garnet

Garnet is a wonderful gemstone that looks beautiful in a variety of different styles of birthstone jewellery. So if you are looking for more information regarding this fabulous gemstone, here are 9 incredible facts, myths and legends about Garnet: 1. It's A Birthstone!Garnet is the birthstone for January, [...]
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Sapphire, The Perfect Gift For Loved One’s Born In September

Sapphire theSeptember birthstone is typically a blue gemstone. Sapphires can naturally appear in a wide range of colours, sometimes named 'fancy sapphires'. The only colour this gemstone cannot be is red, because red coloured corundum stones are known as rubies. The Perfect Gift For A Virgo Or [...]
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Our New Website

Here at Amore Argento we have a beautiful little gem of a website. Thanks to our friends at Advansys it is now easier than ever to get high quality Amore Argento jewellery delivered straight to your home.Easy To Use Our new website couldn't be simpler to use. Use our new dropdown menus and find exactly [...]
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Amethyst Earrings For A Mystical Wedding Theme

Love anything unique and slightly different from the norm, but nonetheless beautiful?Whether you're a bride-to-be who wants to truly 'wow' her guests the moment they walk through the door, or a soon-to-be bridesmaid who's been given sharp orders to stick to purple jewellery to match the theme of the [...]
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Nature, The Universe, And A Little Gem Called Peridot

There are these pretty little green things that we think are so beautiful - so inspiring, that we thought we'd write a blog dedicated to them, and at the same time, tell you about the things we think about when we observe them. We're talking, of course, about our stunning peridot earrings, which you [...]
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Suffragette (Film) And The Pearl: What It All Meant

With the recent release of Suffragette (2015), a film that tells the story of the lengths and struggles early feminists went through in the late 19th and early 20th century from the perspective of 24-year-old laundress Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan), we thought we'd delve into the beautiful freshwater [...]
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Add Some Spring To Your Wardrobe With Amore

With spring almost in view we're gearing up and aiming for a more positive and ambitious state of mind. Those New Year's resolutions might've gone out of the window already, but we're not about to let that one extra heap of sugar in our coffee dampen our mood! However, as with any big change, we're [...]
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