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Wendy 10 Jun 0 163
A stack of rings on your finger, or across both hands, is a fun way of airing your favourite rings and drawing attention to your hands, perfect for when you've just had a manicure.  Wearing a stack of rings can overpower other jewellery, so we recommend stacking either rings or bracelets, but not both on the same arm.  If you want to wear multiple ..
Wendy 08 Jun 0 27
Welcome to part 2 of our post exam celebration jewellery, where we continue to highlight jewellery gifts that are ideal to mark the occasion. We start with our Luna Collection necklace is a lovely piece that works in any environment.  A little sparkle helps draw attention to it, but the elegant intertwined loops of sterling silver and cubic zirconi..
03 Jun 0 182
With a prediction of a good summer on the cards, it's high time we get our jewellery out and make the most of every opportunity to wear it.  Social events are perfect for wearing rings, because with a drink in your hand and a handbag to carry you're already drawing attention to your hands.  We're here to help with some tips for wearing your rings t..
Wendy 01 Jun 0 176
After an unusual academic year the exam season of 2021 is less about sitting formal exams on a national schedule, and more about school based learning and achievements that teachers will use to assign finishing grades to their pupils.  This may be less stressful than having a jam packed exam timetable, but the impact on students will not be lessene..
Wendy 27 May 0 157
We have more excellent ideas and advice for packing jewellery for your holiday.  A very simple way to make this process easier is to edit what you're going to take.  As you start to pack your jewellery you may start to wonder whether it's worth taking these steps to protect your jewellery if it is taking ages.  That's a clear sign that you are taki..
Wendy 25 May 0 139
As we move from spring to summer we'll be getting our favourite T-shirts out of storage and wearing this wardrobe staple while the sun shines.  T-shirts vary from a basic plain cotton number to options with different necklines, dropped shoulders, prints, adornments and different cutting styles, so there's no single perfect necklace to pair with you..
Wendy 20 May 0 154
If you're able to jet off on holiday this year then you'll be really looking forward to getting a change of pace and scenery.  We've had a difficult year and for many of us 2020 was not a year to go on holiday without facing a lot of restrictions and the possibility of a last minute cancellation.  In 2021, things may be easier and we can enjoy a pr..
Wendy 18 May 0 246
Welcome back to our selection of birthstone jewellery for July, August and September.  Although September is technically an autumn month, we often have excellent warm summer like weather all through the month, so why not stretch out summer for as long as we can? People born in July have rubies as their birthstone, another very precious stone that h..
Wendy 13 May 0 120
In the hope that we can have some semblance of normality this year, there will hopefully be the chance for many of us to have a non-lockdown birthday, and that is definitely something to be celebrated.  If you're one of the lucky ones who have a spring or summer birthday, and we are then relatively free of Covid restrictions and able to go out and ..
Wendy 11 May 0 214
Following the success of the Netflix series Bridgerton we expect the shops this spring to feature more than a couple empire line dresses as people try on the Regency look for size.  The empire line dress is flattering for nearly every body shape, so it's a sure-fire winner on the high street, but if you want to go all the way and accessorise with G..
Wendy 04 May 0 262
DIY and home décor projects have been one thing that has kept the nation sane throughout the lockdowns we have endured.  Many people have used this extra time at home to revamp their kitchen, re-organise their living room and upgrade their bathrooms and with house visitors banned for much of us, we're no doubt desperate to show off our handiwork. N..
Wendy 29 Apr 0 341
We're looking at the humble circle, a shape which has held great significance throughout human history.  Circles are seen in the planets, the sun, in nature and in religion and philosophy to represent unity, the life cycle and eternity.  With such a rich symbolism and sympathetic curves it's no wonder that we love using circles in our jewellery. Ou..
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