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Wendy 29 Oct 0 8
As we head into the colder months the long sleeves, layers and outerwear will be making an appearance and we'll have to start getting used to dressing for the cold.  We've had some great sunny weather this year which has been fantastic for showing off all our jewellery and our summer wardrobe, and now we'll be able to break out our favourite jumper..
Wendy 27 Oct 0 12
There are many styles of earring, with new, creative innovations still happening.  As multiple lobe piercings (and piercings on other parts of the ear) become more common, there will continue to be new styles developed which can fit in two or more holes.  Threader and pull-through earrings are a good example of a new style which is perfectly suited..
Wendy 22 Oct 0 17
Many people assume that their jewellery is covered under their home and contents insurance, and while some policies may cover jewellery of a certain value, some will not, and require that proof of purchase or ownership is submitted before paying out, if they agree to pay out at all.  Depending on your insurance policy, you may only be covered for t..
Wendy 20 Oct 0 21
Going through your jewellery collection can be quite a big job, in the same way that sorting through your clothes turns into a huge job and you end up with various piles of clothing scattered about the place and nothing seems to get thrown out.  When we undertake this kind of clean out we often find things we haven't worn for ages and they get a ne..
Wendy 15 Oct 0 23
After months of frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizers and wearing gloves our hands have taken a bit of a beating.  Anyone who treated themselves to a regular manicure has had to endure weeks of waiting to get a treatment but now that nail bars and salons can open (with some restrictions), thankfully a manicure is a possibility again.  A lot ..
Wendy 13 Oct 0 26
If you want earrings which accentuate your best features and bring out your eyes, you have to pay particular attention to the colour, shape and style of your earrings.  Colours which complement and match your eye colour in tone will help bring out that colour in them.  Although there aren't infinite eye colours, many of us have shades of other colo..
Wendy 09 Oct 0 49
When we think of autumn our minds immediately turn to the russet hues of the changing leaves, the warm tones of an open fire and cosy nights in.  We don't often associate cool colours like greens and blues with the autumn – they're more of a spring and summer colour, but can we wear these colours effectively all year round? With the right styling y..
Wendy 07 Oct 0 81
Buying jewellery for someone else can be a real minefield.  Get it wrong, and you could be in the doghouse, especially if you've bought something that really doesn't match her taste.  The jewellery we wear functions as an extension of our personalities, so by choosing something that's totally unsuitable you're sending the message that you don't kno..
Wendy 05 Oct 0 55
We're only just out of summer, one of the hottest and longest we've ever had, and Christmas couldn't be further from people's minds.  That's why now is the perfect time to get your Christmas shopping started.  Due to in-store restrictions and the possibility of local lockdowns, the internet is going to be the way forward for Christmas shopping this..
Wendy 01 Oct 0 84
This time last year no-one would have believed you if you'd said that face masks would be the hottest fashion accessory of the year.  Of course, there is a very good reason for people to be wearing them, but this hasn't stopped certain face mask designs being highly sought after, especially those worn by celebrities, and they have become not only a..
Wendy 28 Sep 0 12
It's never too soon to get into the top jewellery trends for autumn and winter 2020, and while we might all be wishing this year would end, we can still enjoy the few months we have left in whatever way we can.  We think that jewellery can make a huge difference to your mood and your positivity – putting on a piece of jewellery you love and which l..
Wendy 25 Sep 0 144
Opal is a mineraloid – this is what gives it that shimmer and changing colours.  Precious opal was incredibly rare until it was discovered in Australia in the 19th century.  Until then it was only known to be found in Slovakia and it has since been found in Ethiopia, Mexico and North America, making it more affordable. The name is thought to come f..
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