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Wendy 22 May 0 13
Meeting friends for brunch can be the highlight of your weekend, whether you're nursing a small hangover or relaxing after a hard day in the garden, it's a great opportunity to unwind and catch up with your closest pals over some delicious food.  There's no particular dress code for brunch, but the jeans and shirt look is ideal as is anything else ..
Wendy 20 May 0 21
We love coming up with new designs, mixing influences from vintage jewellery with modern trends and styles, to create gorgeous jewellery that absolutely anyone can wear with pride.  One of the design features we love from antique jewellery is milgrain edging, which is a metalwork effect that looks like lots of tiny bubbles around the edge of the pi..
Wendy 18 May 0 16
This time in “get the look” we're looking at the wardrobe staple, the LBD (little black dress).  We all have one, or two, in our wardrobes and they are the go-to classic for a variety of events.  Dressed up or down the LBD is a versatile piece and whatever your shape or size there is an LBD out there for everyone.  Typically, the LBD is a mid-thigh..
Wendy 14 May 0 27
There's nothing more satisfying than having a set of matching jewellery that you can pick and choose from for different occasions.  We do love Coco Chanel's advice on accessorising - “always take off the last thing you put on”, however, there are some events where a full set is appropriate and even expected.  Weddings, black tie events and annivers..
Wendy 12 May 0 23
This time we're turning our attention to the jumpsuit.  Love it or hate it, the jumpsuit never goes out of the fashion cycle for very long, whether it's as a 70s style denim number, or it's short legged cousin the playsuit, it comes back time and time again.  It's not the most practical of outfits and is definitely reserved for nights out and event..
Wendy 08 May 0 88
There's a new jewellery trend sweeping social media and it's called the neckmess.  It has its foundations in wearing multiple necklaces but goes much further than that, incorporating charms, linking pieces together using small padlocks and brooches and incorporating various sizes of hardware shop chain for an edgier look. This trend works on people..
Wendy 06 May 0 25
 This year is the 75th anniversary of VE Day and with a special public holiday to mark the occasion there will be celebrations and commemorations across the country.  We will remember the people who sacrificed their lives for the safety and the future of others, the triumph over fascism, and celebrate those who survived to tell the tales.  Of cours..
Wendy 04 May 0 89
We know that accessorising for different occasions and different looks can be tricky and it's very easy to over or under accessorise, then arrive at your event feeling out of place.  To help our customers match our jewellery to a particular event or outfit we've picked some of the most common looks and trawled our extensive collection for the best ..
Wendy 30 Apr 0 93
Bracelets are an often overlooked item of jewellery, especially as we come out of the chilly weather where we're all wearing long sleeves and not able to show off our favourite pieces of wrist wear.  There's no time like the present, then, to get some new bracelets that will work with your existing wardrobe and inspire you to get your arms out agai..
Wendy 28 Apr 0 69
Emeralds have been captivating people for millennia.  Cleopatra was known to include a lot of emeralds in her jewellery and loved the exotic green tones – in the desert sands of Egypt the contrast of these stones against the dusty colours of the landscape must have been quite a sight.  The first known emerald deposit was found and mined in Egypt fr..
Wendy 24 Apr 0 96
A high neckline is something that suits a lot of people, but many women are reluctant to choose this style because it can be hard to accessorise, especially when it comes to necklaces.  A high neckline, such as a turtleneck, roll neck or high necked halter style can be very flattering and look professional, allowing you to get away with a shorter h..
Wendy 22 Apr 0 217
Our Fantasia collection is one of our most popular designs; it is appealing to any age and style, and is easy to wear with casual outfits or with a more elegant look.  The geometric circular design is modern, unique and fits with many trends and because we have options of chunky or slim-line bangles, the collection can be worn in many different way..
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