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Wendy 08 Apr 0 45
Princess Anne, with her Olympic achievements and decision not to bestow official titles on her children, is often seen as the most down-to-earth member of the royal family and this is certainly the impression one gets from watching The Crown.  Her no-nonsense approach may be the defining character trait that we associate with her, but that doesn't ..
Wendy 06 Apr 0 43
Buying, caring for and wearing jewellery sounds easy enough, but there are some things buyers need to be aware of when making a purchase, as well as some aftercare tips and techniques that can prolong the life of your jewellery.  It can be hard to know what to do, especially if you are just starting to graduate from high-street fashion jewellery to..
Wendy 01 Apr 0 39
Welcome back to our guide to styling your jewellery.  With so few social events happening last year we're a bit rusty when it comes to getting dressed up, so we can all benefit from a new tips and ideas to get us back in love with our finery again. If the idea of putting on a posh frock fills you with dread after months of existing in leggings and ..
Wendy 30 Mar 0 99
It's been a while since we've been able to get dressed up for a special occasion, and when we start socialising and going to events again we may struggle with styling our look, from clothes to shoes, accessories and jewellery.  Fashion trends have stayed very similar through the last year or so, and barring some pandemic-specific styling’s which wo..
Wendy 25 Mar 0 105
Peridot is the birthstone for August, and at that time of year the plants and trees are in full bloom, reflecting the vivid green colour of peridot.  It's a very fresh colour, which uplifts the soul and makes you think about regeneration and rebirth; all things we could really do with at the moment.  If you want to add a little freshness and a sens..
Wendy 23 Mar 0 137
Welcome back to our look at the best gemstones for post-lockdown life.  We're looking at stones which are associated with healing, protection and vitality.  Rubies are associated with a strong life force and courage, so if we're nervous about resuming life as it used to be, a piece of ruby jewellery can give you the edge you need to feel confident...
Wendy 18 Mar 0 111
Gemstones have always been symbolic, with different civilisations assigning different meanings to each one; although there is often a lot of similarity between the associations held by one society and another.  Gems were often used as status symbols as they were rare, especially back in the times before international travel was easy. They were also..
Wendy 16 Mar 0 174
Kamala Harris has made history, being the first woman of colour to be elected to such a high office.  She dresses for power too, wearing beautifully tailored pieces that she accessorises with a capsule collection of her favourite jewellery which all features pearls.  Harris is not the first high-profile American politician to favour pearls for thei..
Wendy 11 Mar 0 124
Trends come and go, but some never really leave us, so we pick up on these stronger themes and incorporate these into our designs to create on-trend jewellery that won't go out of style.  Many things which started as trends have become fashion staples, things like choker necklaces, statement earrings and bright gemstones.  Trends like oversized cha..
Wendy 09 Mar 0 164
Welcome back to our look at the most famous and costly jewels in the world, and the affordable alternatives from our range you can wear to recreate these looks in the real world. The Koh-I-Noor diamond, which now sits in the coronation crown of Queen Elizabeth, is one of the oldest and best known diamonds in the world.  It is thought to have been d..
Wendy 04 Mar 0 125
You'd have to be living under a rock to have missed Harry Styles in the fashion pages; although we haven't had many red carpet events in 2020, we can see his style choices from the 2019 Met Gala and other high profile events, where he has eschewed traditional menswear and accessories and is mixing it up with women swear and jewellery.  Billy Porter..
Wendy 02 Mar 0 125
Welcome back to our tour of Mother's Day gifts from the Amore Argento collection.  If you can tie your jewellery gift in with your mum's passions and hobbies so much the better.  If she's a keen gardener or loves flowers, she'll love our Gwyneth collection.  Delicate sterling silver petals surround pastel toned gems in a triple grouping, on the rin..
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