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Wendy 19 Jan 0 23
This year we are all united in hoping for a better future, and it's important that we hold onto this hope because it will help us make it through the rest of the restrictions and the changes to our lives that are still on their way.  There are many crystals and gems that represent hope and embody the wearer with hope and the ability to sustain it, ..
Wendy 14 Jan 0 87
Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones, loved for its beauty and variation of purple tones.  Gemmologists love amethyst, associating it with many great qualities; of all the gemstones it is the one which is most versatile for enhancing good traits, healing and calming, so it's no wonder it features in our heart shaped jewellery, enhancing ou..
Wendy 12 Jan 0 25
We love watching The Crown on Netflix from the very start again, and with a few weeks of lockdown restrictions to go we have plenty of time to indulge our royal fantasies.  Ornate pieces like the Imperial State Crown and Edward's Crown aren't the sort of thing we design and sell, but there is a lot of other jewellery the Queen wears which we do hav..
Wendy 07 Jan 0 18
Citrine is the November birthstone, and for such a bright colour this is the perfect time of year for it to feature as it matches the turning colours of the leaves during autumn.  Citrine is a bold, orangey yellow stone which stands out and turns heads.  It's a vivacious colour that screams “FUN”, so if you want to add a vibrant edge to your look t..
Wendy 05 Jan 0 228
We have loved watching The Crown, and with a couple of months of restrictions left we're eager to re-watch the whole thing from the first episode, especially as we will have to wait a long time for series 5 to be made.  The attention to detail in this series is second to none, with careful consideration given to recreating key looks from the royal ..
Wendy 31 Dec 0 33
You may have made some New Year's resolutions for 2021, already, and with all our plans for 2020 having been thrown into disarray, we're sure that this year the list is going to be a long one. That’s not mentioning all of the resolutions we set for ourselves at the end of 2019, as well as other goals we set ourselves throughout the last 12 months. ..
Wendy 29 Dec 0 187
Pearls are a jewellery box classic; associated with style and class every woman should own some pearl jewellery.  Pearls are often thought of as a jewel that mature women wear, and while they do look stunning on older skin, they can be worn at any age – your pearl jewellery will age with you and continue to look fabulous in every decade.  Those bor..
Wendy 24 Dec 0 122
In these dark days we all need something to add some brightness and sparkle, so what better way to do this than with our Sparklers earrings and matching necklace?  This classic cluster style is eminently wearable, and can be styled towards the classic, or matched with a sleek, modern outfit to add a touch of refinement.  The central stone is 5mm ac..
Wendy 22 Dec 0 181
Camilla Parker Bowles is one of the central figures of the 4th series of The Crown, as a central plot line is Charles' marriage to Diana and the role of Camilla in that famous love triangle.  We often see her in casual outfits and countryside clothes and her jewellery is complementary to that look, classy but understated, and she is rarely seen wit..
Wendy 17 Dec 0 184
Opal, the October birthstone, is a really unique stone, with its shimmering, iridescent quality to the surface and an eminence in the light that is unparalleled by other stones.  Due to the makeup of the opal, it is best cut in a cabochon, which is smooth and without facets.  An opal is quite a soft stone, relatively speaking, with many different l..
Wendy 15 Dec 0 173
We had a great summer weather-wise which meant we could see our friends and family, albeit from a distance, in person.  Now that restrictions are back in place we're back to relying on Zoom and other video calling platforms to stay in touch with our wider social circle but one thing never changes – we want to look our best. If you're on a video cal..
Wendy 10 Dec 0 112
One of the loveliest things about the winter is the cool, crisp mornings with a frost on the ground and a clear sky.  Days like that are perfect for winter walks, bonfires and also a great excuse to mull some wine to warm up with.  If you love these icy times you'll love wearing jewellery that evokes the spirit of the cold in a beautiful way, and a..
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