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Wendy 23 Jan 0 1
Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and if you haven't got anything sorted yet then fear not, we have loads of last minute Valentine's gift ideas, and we can even ship next day before 1pm, using Royal Mail's Special Delivery Guaranteed service.  If you're near one of our high street stockists then you can even pop in on the day and pick out a specia..
Wendy 21 Jan 0 1
Whether you look forward to a milestone birthday or dread the thought of getting older, when it comes to gifts for our loved ones we want to get them something special and meaningful.  We know it can be hard to find the perfect gift to signify their age and their personality, so we've put together some choices for those special birthdays to ensure ..
Wendy 17 Jan 0 12
We've got a fantastic selection of unique heart shaped jewellery which is ideal for Valentine's Day, and we'll bring you our pick of the prettiest Valentine's Day jewellery soon.  Once you have your gift sorted you need to think of something exciting and romantic to do on the day, ideally something that will provide the perfect backdrop for giving ..
Wendy 15 Jan 0 5
As we get older our jewellery collections mature with us, perhaps with the addition of some heirloom pieces and gifts from loved ones.  When we were little, plastic beads, bright colours and butterfly pieces were stuffed into a jewellery box, probably the one with two layers and a twirling plastic ballerina, and worn with abandon – as much as we co..
Wendy 13 Jan 0 7
Jewellery as a gift of friendship has been given for centuries.  Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I, exchanged gifts of jewellery as an overt display of their support for one another; although it was also used as a political statement and a way for one to exert power over the other.  In the 1970s, woven friendship bracelets became a huge tre..
Wendy 10 Jan 0 5
A traditional engagement ring features a single diamond as the centrepiece, sometimes flanked by smaller diamonds.  This tradition is just a guideline for what makes a ring an engagement ring, because the true significance and meaning is imparted by the fact that it's the ring you propose with – it could be the ring pull from a can of soft drink if..
Wendy 07 Jan 0 5
Every jewellery collection, however large or small, is divided into at least two categories.  You have the pieces you wear on a normal day and then the pieces that you save for a special occasion, and there may be pieces which span both types, such as jewellery you wear for special meetings or job interviews that you wouldn't wear to the supermarke..
Wendy 04 Jan 0 4
Jewellery has been around for as long as humans have had tools.  Early jewellery was made from wood, bone and shells, often pierced and threaded onto a necklace or perhaps even a headband.  Not much evidence exists of very early jewellery as it was made from organic compounds that don't often survive, but scientists have found three shell beads in ..
Wendy 01 Jan 0 17
Choosing jewellery that looks good on you is just like finding the right clothing – what looks great on one person can look bad on another and it comes down to skin tone.  If you look best in darker colours, like greens, blues and rich reds you probably have a cool skin tone, while if yellows, oranges and creams look stunning on you then you probab..
Wendy 30 Dec 0 14
Welcome back to our pick of the best, most radiant gems to lift your spirits and your look during the dark days of winter.  We've looked at the standout stars of the blue gemstones and now we turn our attention to the warming qualities of garnet, citrine and rubies. Citrine is a gorgeous stone with real warmth and when combined with sterling silver..
Wendy 26 Dec 0 12
We design our jewellery to be versatile and stylish, so although we don't jump on trend bandwagons we do look at what's fashionable, and develop pieces which nod to those trends while still being wearable for the modern woman.  The big jewellery trends for spring and summer 2020 are on the catwalks already, so we've selected our pieces we think are..
Wendy 23 Dec 0 14
Welcome back to our collection of Christmas and New Year proposal ideas to make asking the biggest question you'll ever ask as romantic and special as possible. If you're sure your partner would like a proposal in front of the family, hiding the ring in a Christmas cracker is a great way to ask and it's in keeping with the theme.  You can ‘doctor’ ..
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