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Wendy 02 Apr 0 14
The month of April is famed for its wet, showery weather and this year will be no exception.  It might prevent us from enjoying the great outdoors for a few days, but it's vital for nature and helps everything bloom for us, to marvel at when the sun comes out.  If you're stuck indoors, waiting to venture out as soon as it stops raining you're not a..
Wendy 31 Mar 0 3
When we think about ring sizing and fit the first, and often only thing people ponder is the actual circumference of the band – in terms of how a ring fits this is vital because too small, and it won't go over your knuckles easily, too big and it will slip and move around on your finger.  If your stone has a claw set stone this can dig in and scrat..
Wendy 27 Mar 0 26
Welcome back to our guide to the ideal Easter jewellery to gift instead of chocolate.  Jewellery is much healthier, lasts longer and can be cherished for a lifetime, whereas chocolate doesn't even last the week (and that's being optimistic!).  Today we're looking at the bold and the beautiful with large dazzling stones and stunning designs. Our Spi..
Wendy 25 Mar 0 4
Being allergic to metal can make wearing jewellery very difficult.  Many metals used in jewellery making are alloys, which mean they are a mix of two or more metals.  This is done to make precious, soft metals like gold and silver harder and more durable for wearing as jewellery; however, this can be a problem for people who find their skin is irri..
Wendy 23 Mar 0 9
Rose gold can be an acquired taste but we think everyone should consider it.  The subtle pink shade works well on warm and cool skin tones, complementing warmer tones and lifting pale skin to new heights by adding a little shimmer to your look.  Yellow gold can be a little harsh against young and pale skin, but rose gold is naturally beautiful on e..
Wendy 19 Mar 0 17
It's traditional to give your bridesmaids a small gift as a thank you for being part of your wedding, and as a memento to remember the day by.  Many people give something which is part of the wedding festivities itself, something which they can keep as a memento of the day.  Others give something which is personal, but can be used again and again l..
Wendy 17 Mar 0 14
Our jewellery stays looking new for many years’ thanks to the rhodium coating, which resists tarnishing and protects the sterling silver from damage and environmental wear and tear.  That said, it is still important to look after your jewellery in order to get the best out of the protective coating and to keep it looking fabulous for decades. With ..
Wendy 13 Mar 0 13
Iolite is a gemstone which loves playing with the light.  When viewed from different angles it can run the spectrum from a pale blue to a rich violet – the name actually comes from the Greek word for violet.  The way iolite changes colour depending on the angle of the light means it was used by the Vikings as a way of determining the direction of t..
Wendy 11 Mar 0 13
We're all looking forward to the long Easter weekend and spending time with our families, celebrating the joys of spring and the re-birth of the plants and flowers outside.  While hunting for Easter eggs is a great game for children (and the young at heart) many of us are becoming more health conscious and cutting down on the amount of chocolate we..
Wendy 09 Mar 0 20
Welcome back to the second part of our look at alternative birthstones for people who don't like the colour of their traditional birthstone.  There are alternatives for each month based on 15th century central European religion, stones for the guardian angel of each month, as well as stones for the day of the week.  Some of our designs feature more..
Wendy 05 Mar 0 34
What better way to show your Mum you love her on Mother's Day than with a stunning piece of Amore Argento jewellery?  Flowers, chocolates and a nice meal out are a great way of celebrating, but you can add something that will be a lasting reminder of your appreciation by giving her a beautiful necklace, she can wear every day and keep close to her ..
Wendy 02 Mar 0 23
Showing your partner that you love them doesn't have to be reserved for special occasions like Valentine's Day, or an anniversary, you can give a token of your love at any time.  In fact, it's often much more genuine to give someone a piece of beautiful jewellery just because you love, them rather than because it's the social tradition.  Why not ma..
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