When we look back through history at the making and wearing of jewellery we see that early jewellery had a lot of spiritual significance, especially jewellery worn by kings, queens and other rulers.  Jewellery was used to denote status and to appease the Gods.  Certain stones we associated to specific gods or with desirable traits such as good luck and clarity of thought.  Today jewellery is still used as a status symbol, with the wealthy wearing necklaces that are priced similarly to the cost of many people's homes or cars.  There is also a thriving market for gemstone and crystal jewellery that use stones which are said to protect the wearer or to enhance certain qualities. 


Another reason for wearing jewellery is to align oneself with a particular movement or cause, such as garnet and ruby studded ribbon brooches for AIDS awareness, and amethyst and peridot (purple and green) jewellery signifying alliance to the Suffragette movement and more recently women's rights in general.  Less fashion forward are the badges and wristbands you can purchase to support certain causes and show your support.


In every case the gemstones that are used, either for their properties or colours, are significant to the wearer; during a year that has seen more upheaval than many of us have experienced in our lifetimes there's no better time to wear gemstones.  Whether you wear them for their alignment with a particular cause, or because the gemstones have certain attributes said to help the wearer, 2020 is definitely a good year for wearing mindful gemstones.


Amethyst is a great stone to wear this year.  It is said to be helpful for anxiety and other mood disorders, and we can all agree that 2020 has caused everyone to experience heightened levels of anxiety.  It is often used to promote inner peace and courage and at a time when even simple things like going to work can be hard to navigate, an amethyst pendant will bring you that tranquillity.  Our amethyst Snow Dome ring is the ideal piece to wear, as you will see it frequently and be reminded of your inner strength, and it is a modern, sleek design that is practical for every day.


Garnet is also a good gemstone for 2020.  Garnet is said to give the wearer energy and boost their system, so for overcoming any health issues and restoring your sense of balance garnet is your go-to stone.  It is best worn near the heart, so our garnet Purity necklace is the most subtle way to wear it.  If you want something bolder our Spicy Red necklace is a great option – opulent and classy, this necklace is perfect for the office and will even look stunning on a video call.


For help with health issues, especially digestive disorders and inflammation, citrine is the gemstone of choice.  It is said to help emotional wellbeing and promote positive energy, so as a general all-round boost citrine will cover all bases.  It is best to wear citrine in its most natural state, so our Purity necklace will fit the bill perfectly. 


Why not look through your jewellery collection and see which pieces you already have with these stones in?  Our affordable and stylish designs will fill in any gaps in your collection, with pieces that you'll love to wear again and again to boost your mood and wellbeing or to show your support for particular causes.