Proposing at Christmas is a popular idea and the four days most commonly used to propose on, aside from Valentine's Day (the most popular) are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.  It's no surprise that many proposals happen at this time of year, given the fact that many people have extended time off work and therefore, more time to spend together and to put towards planning the perfect moment to pop the question.


It's worth noting that proposing in front of your or their family is not a great way to go about it, unless you're totally confident that your intended would love to be asked in front of their nearest and dearest.  Asking such a big question in front of an audience, many of whom might love to see a positive response, can feel like a lot of pressure so treat carefully with this approach.  If you're a solo couple (i.e. living together with no children) then you could propose on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day morning, before the merry-go-round of family visits starts.  If you've gone away somewhere for Christmas, this is also a good time to propose without the pressure of family around you.


We've put together some fantastic ideas to inspire your Christmas or New Year proposal, and don't worry, there's not a clichéd ring-in-wineglass idea in sight.


Making a personalised advent calendar is a lovely way to build up to the proposal.  There are many re-usable advent calendars out there with fabric pockets or boxes for each day of Advent, which you fill with gifts of your choice.  It could be their favourite chocolates, a mini bottle of their chosen spirit or little ornaments and trinkets which encompass their interests.  The engagement ring would be number 24 making it a Christmas Eve proposal, but we have a little tip for you – get a decoy gift for the 24th box in case your partner sneaks a look at what's coming up.  That way, when they open the last box it will definitely be a surprise!


Personalised baubles are easy to find now – plastic or glass baubles that can be filled with whatever you want, can be purchased online for you to slip in a ring for your beloved.  It's up to you whether you propose while you're decorating the tree, or keep the suspense going by concealing the ring in amongst other items like glitter or confetti and have it hanging on the tree until you're ready to ask.  You can even decorate the bauble itself with the question picked out in glitter or hand painted lettering.


If you're opening a few gifts at home together before heading out to see family, why not put the ring in the bottom of a stocking?  Fill the rest of the stocking with personal, thoughtful gifts, which will put your partner in a receptive mood before they find the big surprise and you'll remember that moment for ever.  It also means you've started a tradition you can draw on every year by putting something pertaining to that wedding anniversary, such as an origami animal for paper, or more jewellery for the years marked by particular metals or gemstones.  This is also a great idea if you're going to be apart on the day itself, if you both have families in different places.  Give your partner the stocking to take with them, but ask if you can video call while you open the gifts together.  That way they can open the ring box and you get to ask the question in person.  For long distance relationships this is a lovely idea which will make you feel closer together even if you're miles apart.


Join us for part two with more Christmas proposal ideas plus some for the New Year.