Welcome back to our collection of Christmas and New Year proposal ideas to make asking the biggest question you'll ever ask as romantic and special as possible.


If you're sure your partner would like a proposal in front of the family, hiding the ring in a Christmas cracker is a great way to ask and it's in keeping with the theme.  You can ‘doctor’ a bought cracker by carefully opening one end and replacing the gift with the ring and the joke slip with a note saying “will you marry me?”  Just make sure the ring is in a small box or tied to a bright ribbon, so if it goes flying across the dinner table it can still be found!


If you're creative and like going the extra mile, why not make a Christmas themed treasure hunt?  Hide clues all around the house and garden leading your loved one to the ring through several cute clues.  You can make it as long or as short as you want, but however long it lasts it will be sure to create a fun memory you'll love telling your friends about when they get the news of your engagement.


If you like the treasure hunt idea, but want to incorporate more of a Christmassy theme then use the 12 Days of Christmas as inspiration, and give your partner little gifts every day for 12 days which fit the themes of the song, or just the numbers if you find it tricky to link the song to something personal to your partner.


If your loved one suspects you're going to propose at Christmas why not have a little fun and keep them waiting?  Boxing Day, and the days in between Christmas and New Year are often one big blur, so you have the perfect chance to organise a special day in, or a nice walk somewhere that will distract and entertain your intended until you pop the question.  This is a lovely idea for people who don't like a big fuss and it's also a nice way to liven up those interim days.


If you decide to pop the question at New Year make sure your partner won't be put off by having an audience.  If you're among friends and your partner would love them all to be there when you ask then New Year's Eve is an ideal day for a proposal, especially as it means you're getting the next year off to a good start.  Make sure your party guests are all in on the plan, so that when you do the big countdown everyone goes silent after the 1, and you get to ask the question at the most significant time.


If you make New Year's resolutions then turn the discussion into the proposal by taking it in turns to think up things you'd like to do or change over the next 12 months.  You might say you want to learn a new skill, spend more time with family, and get married.  This is a nice understated way to ask and it will be a huge surprise, especially if you word it in such a way that your partner has to think for a moment before realising you've just proposed!


We hope you've got loads of inspiration for a festive proposal, and we hope your beloved says YES!