Welcome back to our pick of Amore Argento jewellery featuring circles within circles and spirals.  This edit was inspired by the well-known song “Windmills of my Mind”.  Part one focused on true circles, while in part two we look at other complementary shapes.


If you like the oval or teardrop shape (it can be very flattering and elongates your neck) you'll love our Comet necklace.  This stunning garnet piece features a teardrop shaped garnet perched daintily on a teardrop shaped mount which is studded with glittering cubic zirconia.  The rich, deep red of the garnet makes this the perfect necklace to lift a casual outfit to new heights and looks especially good with a crisp white shirt, adding a touch of warmth to your look.  Wear with the matching earrings for a dressier look, or with our garnet Orbit earrings to emphasise the casual, laid back look.


The Star Catcher necklace takes the circle within a circle idea further, using two rings to create a swirling mount within which sits a beautiful cabochon lapis, a stone that has been revered by humans since it was first discovered.  The circular mount for the lapis brings a third circle shape into the mix; this piece really emphasises the nestled circles idea. 


Our With a Twist necklace uses a large oval blue topaz, set at an angle within a looping spiral of sterling silver.  The spiral incorporates both circular and teardrop shaped elements making this a standout design and one which you won't find anywhere else, at least not as beautifully executed as this one.  This large pendant is an inch tall, so it's one to wear when you need to make an impact.  The colours of the topaz look great on most skin tones so it's an ideal gift for someone, especially as a Christmas gift because topaz is the birthstone of December.


If you like this quirky interpretation of circles and spirals but want something smaller you'll love our Melody necklaces.  Available with either sapphire or ruby as the stone, these pendants use two loops of sterling silver overlapped to create a locking effect around the central stone. 


Our Forever necklace features two ovals of sterling silver, one nestled inside the other, and with a further three circles holding a cubic zirconia inside the largest oval.  This unusual design is sleek and modern, making it the perfect gift for anyone with connection to the number 3; it could be three children, or three beloved pets.  The sparkles of the cubic zirconia that are nestled inside the oval frame are the perfect reminder.


Finally, our Crackle and Wheel of Fortune necklaces add geometry to the mix with a burst of silver spokes which back the necklaces, adding interest and angles.  The spiral motif features in both, with each spiral adorned with cubic zirconia to bring light, and to add depth to the piece by contrasting with the spokes behind.  The Wheel of Fortune piece is a classic round design, while the Crackle necklace uses the same inspiration but in an oval shape instead.


We hope this has given you some inspiration, we've certainly been whistling Windmills of my Mind while making our jewellery selection, and we've picked out a few pieces as gifts for loved ones.