The well-known song Windmills of my Mind, written for the 1968 film The Thomas Crown Affair and covered by Dusty Springfield and Sting, evokes the spirit of familiarity and excitement with the lyrics “like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind”.  This inspired us to pick out the pieces in our collection which feature a circle in a circle or a spiral, all of which will make you excited to own them, and they'll soon become familiar favourites in your own collection.


Our Fantasy and Romance necklaces from our pearl wedding collection are a great example of this design motif.  In each a freshwater pearl sits inside a sterling silver mount, with the Fantasy necklace using a standard circle and round pearl and the Romance necklace opting for an oval shape to reflect the oval shaped pearl nestled within.  Both these necklaces have matching earrings which bring your look together beautifully when worn at the same time.


Our Bonbon pearl necklace also nestles the pearl within a circle, in this example the mount is circular and slightly overlaps to create a spiral, which echoes the lyrics of the song perfectly.  The cubic zirconia studded along the mount directs the light to the pearl, showing off the beautiful lustre and helping catch the light in dimly-lit places.


Carrying on with the pearl theme our Helter Skelter ring uses the spiral motif, cleverly bringing the body of the ring up and round into a mount which is created out of two spirals of sterling silver adorned with cubic zirconia.  The round pearl sits atop this mount in a very pretty ring that evokes classic design styles in a wearable way.  This beauty would be ideal for a date or romantic meal out, and it's also ideal for a wedding day – perhaps a lovely bridal gift that can be worn on the big day, and then again and again as a reminder of the special occasion.


Our Luna Collezione ring has a similar style, although only one of the sides of the spiral has cubic zirconia on it.  A beautifully cut cubic is the star of this ring, creating a shining halo of light which will catch the eye of all who spy it; the brushed silver spiral helps to balance the sparkle in this piece to make it perfect for everyday wear.  This ring would look fantastic worn with our next necklace choice.


A true “circle in a circle' design is our Simply Elegant necklace.  This design features two concentric rings of sterling silver, with a brushed, matte effect on the outer circle and cubic zirconia encrusted around the middle one as well as the hanging loop.  The name says it all about this necklace, it is the epitome of simple elegance and is ideal for wearing daily, and for special occasions as it can be dressed up or down.  It also looks great with polka dot and other circular prints to reference the design.  The Seductive necklace is another neutral silver and cubic piece which brings the two circles closer together, so if you prefer dainty detail and smaller pieces this is the ideal alternative to the Simply Elegant one.


Join us for part two, where we push the boundaries into non-traditional round and spiral shapes.