Our Love and Kisses collection encapsulates the essence of love in a range of gorgeous jewellery which makes the perfect gift of love for a special occasion, or just because.  We don't need an excuse to express our love to our partners; we can show our love at any time, so if you want to make your loved one's day there's few better ways to do it than to give the gift of love.


The Love and Kisses collection includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces and a ring, so you can pick out the type of jewellery your partner likes to wear.  Necklaces are loved by everyone and they are easy to wear with a variety of clothing, so if you're unsure about what your partner likes to wear this is a good place to start.  The Love and Kisses necklaces are available with different tones of metal, including one with a rose gold heart shaped mount holding a heart shaped amethyst.  The kisses in these pieces are sterling silver studded with cubic zirconia, with a central heart shaped stone representing love.  One of the Love and Kisses necklaces features a heart and a kiss shape which is ideally suited to people who prefer understated jewellery, or who do not wear very much day to day.


We have two necklaces featuring the word “love” decorated with a cubic zirconia or amethyst within the “o” to show the dazzling effect your beloved has on you.  These necklaces say it out loud, there's no doubt about your love when you give one of these pieces.


We also have earrings, with several options available.  We have sets with two hearts, sets with two kisses as well as a mix and match option which is perfect for people with a quirky sense of style or multiple piercings.  The kisses earrings are all studded with cubic zirconia which adds that dash or sparkle to the pieces, just like your eyes sparkle when you see your true love.


Some of our pieces have a rose gold element in them and this delicate blush tone is perfect for people who are a little shy or reserved about expressing their love.  The rose gold is available in the earrings, ring, necklaces and bracelet, so there will be something to suit your partner perfectly, and given from the heart.


If you want to seal your relationship with a kiss which will last forever, then give a piece of jewellery from our Love and Kisses collection and celebrate your love for each other every day.