There are a number of reasons why someone might want to wear a piece of jewellery in a non-conventional way, and one of the very common ones is wearing your wedding/engagement ring somewhere other than your hand.  The traditional place to wear your wedding/engagement ring is the fourth finger of the left hand (although in some countries it is worn on the right hand).  This is where the ancient Egyptians and Romans believed the vena amoris, or vein of love ran.  Although modern science has proved that this vein, believed to run directly to the heart from the ring finger, doesn't exist, the tradition still stands.


People might not be able to wear their wedding/engagement ring because of work related reasons (hygiene or health and safety) or because of pregnancy causing the fingers to swell.  Certain medical conditions can also cause swelling of the hands, which poses a danger if you can't get your wedding/engagement ring off. 


The solution to this is to wear your wedding/engagement ring in an alternative way, and perhaps even wearing it on your finger when you can and in a different way when this is not feasible.  A necklace chain is a great way to safely wear a wedding/engagement ring around your neck, and it can be even more meaningful if the necklace has a sentimental meaning, such as including your birthstone, or the stone which represents the month of your wedding/engagement.  You might also find a design which matches or complements the style of your wedding/engagement ring that you can also wear as a necklace in its own right.


A lot of wedding/engagement rings are of a cluster style where a central stone is encircled by other, smaller stones which help catch the light and scatter the sparkle around.  Our Crown of Light necklace is ideal for wearing your wedding/engagement ring on as the cubic zirconia cluster is stylish yet simple, providing a beautiful accompaniment to your wedding/engagement ring.  Our Lovable necklaces, with cubic zirconia, aquamarine or amethyst as the central stone are also cluster style pendants which will work well with a wedding/engagement ring.  The clusters in these necklaces are different shapes, so you can choose something which perfectly matches the shape of your ring.


Our Love Life necklaces with the heart shaped pendant are also great for wedding/ engagement ring necklaces.  The heart shapes represent love, and the sapphires or rubies in these necklaces make them great for associations with September or July, whether that's as a birth month or the month you got married.


If you're not a fan of necklaces or you want to try a more unusual way of wearing your wedding/engagement ring then a charm bracelet or a normal bangle or bracelet can be the answer.  This isn't a solution where health and safety is a concern, but if you want a pretty and bohemian way to wear your wedding/engagement ring, then attaching it to a bracelet is a lovely idea.  It keeps the ring visible, if you're wearing it round your neck it may be tucked out of sight, so you won't see it very often, and works really well in a bohemian aesthetic, where delicate arm candy is part of the look.  A ring can also easily be slipped on to a bangle when it is unclasped and this can be a slightly bolder, edgier look that will suit a wide range of people, especially younger women.


Join us for part two where we look at alternative ways to wear other kinds of jewellery.