Welcome back to our spotlight on different ways to wear jewellery.  We have looked at different ways you can wear a wedding/engagement ring when it's not feasible to wear it on your hands for various reasons, and now we turn our attention to other types of jewellery and how they can be worn in creative and unusual ways.


If you have been gifted a bracelet, or left one in a will but you're not a fan of it or you don't like wearing things on your wrist, you can make great use of it by linking it to a necklace chain to change the look of the necklace.  If you have a necklace with a heavy pendant this is ideal for the look, as it will pull the chains taught.  Simply thread the smaller connection loop over the necklace chain to about a third of the way, then link the clasp to the opposing point on the other side of the necklace chain.  This adds another dimension to a favourite necklace; you can even use two or more bracelets to join up multiple necklaces for an intricate, creative look that's sure to draw admiration from all corners. 


Our Love and Kisses bracelets are a great way to add a romantic edge to your look for a date or a celebration, or to send a discreet message to an admirer.  Our Flora bracelet would be ideal for this style idea with a floral necklace, while our Simply Elegant bracelet is a versatile option for the same look. 


Bangles differ from bracelets in that they are solid rather than made from links of chain.  This means they're perfect for incorporating into a hairstyle such as a bun.

When you've got your hair into an elegant or a messy bun, slip a bangle around it and secure it in place with bobby pins so it doesn't slip off.  Our Fantasia bangles are ideal for this, as the stones of different colours will sparkle in your hair and add interest from all angles.  The Rhapsody in Pink bangle is also perfect for this look, teamed with pastels and pinks in your outfit or make up.  Bracelets and necklaces can also be incorporated into a bun, either woven within the bun or delicately strung below the bun.  These ideas are best suited to events where you'll be mingling and circulating as this allows everyone to see the detail in the back of your hairdo.


Rings can be worn in your hair to, and they work really well when you have multiple braids which come together into an intricate style.  Slip a ring over the braids and secure underneath with a bobby pin to keep them in place.  Rings are also perfect for slipping over headscarves to add interest to the look and this can be a really elegant solution when you're having a bad hair day as it covers your hair in a stylish way.  You could even add bracelets, bangles and necklaces into the style to create a really jaw-dropping look for a special occasion.  It's nice to wear matching or complementary earrings with these looks to help tie the colour scheme or style aesthetic together.


You might not think there's any way to wear earrings apart from in your ears, but dangly French wire earrings can be hooked into buns and other up-dos without the need for additional ways of securing them.  Wear a pair or a single earring at the centre of your hairstyle.  Our French wires are sturdy and therefore perfect for this look where you might run the risk of bending the wire when removing the jewellery.  This is a great way to wear a single earring that you love, but have lost the other half of the pair, and earrings that are too long for your tastes but which work perfectly as a different accessory.


We hope these ideas have inspired you to make the most of your existing jewellery collection and given you some ways to wear those pieces from Amore Argento that you love the look of but which aren't the types of jewellery you normally wear.