Every jewellery collection, however large or small, is divided into at least two categories.  You have the pieces you wear on a normal day and then the pieces that you save for a special occasion, and there may be pieces which span both types, such as jewellery you wear for special meetings or job interviews that you wouldn't wear to the supermarket or to a posh night out.  These categories tend to draw their lines according to size (and often cost) so the smaller, more understated pieces are the everyday ones, while the larger, more showy pieces are reserved for a special day.  At Amore Argento we have pieces suitable for day-to-day wear, as well as pieces for impactful gifting and wearing at elegant events or for significant anniversaries and/or parties.


Everyone should have a pair of simple sparkly studs, and our cubic zirconia studs are ideal as an everyday option.  These are our April birthstone pieces and the three designs are simple yet pretty, ranging from the classic claw setting to a more modern rub-over setting.  The great thing about having a neutral stone is that it will go with any colour, and will always make you look polished and perfectly put together. 


For an occasion in between a normal day and a special one, such as a job interview, or completing a house sale and the subsequent celebratory meal our cubic zirconia Serenity earrings are ideal.  These are stylish and will make you feel special and confident but without going over the top.  The Serenity style is also available with sapphires or rubies, so if you have a particular love for red or blue then the coloured stone options would be ideal, especially if they'll go with your favourite business smart outfit.


Fancy earrings are perfect for dressing up a sophisticated look and the Bella Collezione earrings are stunning.  These drop earrings are dripping with cubic zirconia and feature a large stone in the centre.  These catch the light as you move and are so glamorous you could wear these on a red carpet and fit right in.  Our Simply Twinkly hoop earrings are encrusted with stones and make a dramatic impact too.  These are versatile and can take you from day to night effortlessly.  If you don't have pierced ears then our Hollywood clip-on earrings will fool everyone and they are so comfortable to wear you won't experience any of the pinching you get with cheaper alternatives.  Interwoven bands of sterling silver are set with glittering cubic zirconia and give you an effortlessly glamorous look at a fraction of the price of diamond earrings.


Our birthstone necklaces are gorgeous for everyday wear and the personal connection of wearing your birthstone adds that special touch you want.  The Purity range features a single stone in a simple claw setting, while the Vivo design uses a mini bubble style mount – whichever you prefer is a personal choice but all the birthstones are represented.  These elegant, simple necklaces are perfect for work and play and should be the cornerstone of your day-to-day look.


Our Spicy necklaces are the perfect answer to the question of what to accessorise with for a day where you aren't dressed to the nines, but still want to look stylish and elegant.  This design makes the stone the star of the show, mounted in a clever way so the stone appears to be nestled between two slivers of silver – when seen from the side the mount shows more detail and because the mount is quite deep the pendant will stay in place all day, even on a chunky knit that might catch on other pieces.  Matching earrings are available, and when you wear the whole ensemble you'll achieve a superbly elegant look that can go from day to night.


When you want to pull out all the stops we have several gorgeous necklaces which pair beautifully with an evening gown.  Our With A Twist necklace features a delicate blue topaz nestled in a swirled silver mount with cubic zirconia accents.  This 2.5cm high pendant looks much more expensive than it is and goes with so many colours it will become your go-to special piece.  If you want something showier then our Grand Regal necklace is ideal.  A larger topaz sits within a cubic encrusted mount and it's certainly a piece to save for special occasions.  Our Sofisticato Collezione necklace is another showstopper which will go with anything and the swirling silver design is very flattering, drawing attention in all the right ways.


Join us for the next instalment where we take our pick of everyday and special occasion rings and bangles.