It's no secret that we love jewellery, and although our designs are modern classics, designed to be worn year on year without ever going out of style, we also love to keep our fingers on the fashion pulse; there's a time for classic style, and a time for trends.  The fashion world, as well as the jewellery world, has had to adapt to the challenges we're all facing and although sales might be down, because we're not buying clothes at the same rate we did pre-pandemic, we can still indulge our flights of sartorial fancy.


Some of the key trends for autumn/winter 2020 include volume and fringing, think puffy sleeves, fringed tassels on skirts (very Prada) and wide leg trousers.  Flowing, floor length skirts and layers upon layers of tulle for volume were all seen on the catwalk and these are beautiful, fashion forward styles which aren't particularly practical for most of us.  Anyone who has even worn a long skirt or long, wide leg trousers in wet weather will know just how quickly hems can soak up moisture, wicking it all the way up your knees and creating a damp, flappy sail.  If we're staying in, we don't need to worry about any of that, so we can enjoy our new pieces and keep them looking their best.  If you happen to own any maxi skirts and/or palazzo pants, now is the time to wear them.  Our Tassel Pearl earrings and necklace are perfect for tapping into these trends.


Cardigans were featured in a big way, along with check patterns and a general “geek chic” style.  These trends draw on the changing world of work, from office working to working from home and trying to retain that workplace atmosphere through the way we dress, as well as the brief period that returning to the office was encouraged.  This is an easy style to wear and suits most people; you don't have to go all the way with fully buttoned up shirts and midi skirts, you can nod to the style with a pair of check pattern trousers, a cosy cardigan over an otherwise modern look or a business-like, sleek ponytail.  The geek look can be moderated with the use of playful jewellery, so if you're in the mood to experiment with your look why not combine your brightest jewellery with your geekiest clothes and see how the contrast works.  That's the other great thing about staying in more – we don't have to brave the outside world with a new look, we can play around in the safety of our own homes.


Colour wise, black and red are hot news this season.  Black never goes out of style, but this year sees the return of all black outfits, perhaps a reflection of the sombre mood that has affected 2020 many times.  Red was the other standout colour of the catwalk with bright tones being seen from almost every designer.  As with the all black trend, the idea with wearing red is to wear it head to toe, but this can be hard to pull off if you're just popping to the supermarket.  You could mix the trends by wearing all black clothing with all red jewellery, and garnet is one of the stones that features in many different designs, from the subtle to the showy.  If you have double lobe piercings why not wear our Spicy Red earrings in the main lobe hole and the Purity garnet studs in the others?  Paired with an all-black outfit (and red shoes, if you have them), this look is a strong one.


There won't be the office party this year, and drinks with wide social circles at the pub are out too, but you can socialise over the internet and show off your new looks to your friends that way; as well as try out some things you'd never dare wear outside but would love to be seen in.  Make the most of these trends and the freedom you have to experiment with what you already own, and perhaps a few new standout pieces you simply can't resist.