Let's hope our usual Indian summer appears again this year – it's so nice to have that last spell of balmy weather before winter starts setting in and it's also the perfect time to switch up your jewellery collection with some complementary colours that will look great with the autumn backdrop. 


Red rubies and garnets are fantastic for autumn accessorising as they reference the turning colours of the leaves, the dazzling firework displays at bonfire night and the warmth of an open fire.  Warm tones look great in these settings and for a real impact our Spicy Red set is perfect.  Large oval garnets sit in a modern, stylish mount and worn next to a flickering open fire the earrings will catch the light and sparkle, flattering your face.  The necklace is chunky enough to be worn over knitwear, so even with a high neckline the necklace will stand out and attract attention – the key to wearing a necklace with knitwear is to have a pendant which is heavy enough not to get snagged and end up sitting at the wrong location and the Spicy Red is ideally suited.


Our Cherry Bomb ensemble is also great for autumn dressing and as these pieces are elegantly understated they can be worn together without overpowering the look.  The rich garnets are perfectly balanced by cubic zirconia which softens the impact of such deeply toned stones.  The extra sparkle around the outside makes these perfect for firework displays and bonfire night, as they evoke the bright explosions of the celebration for a very well put together look.  Our Comet set also brings together the magic of the night sky in an elegant tear drop design which looks a lot more expensive than it is.  These would be ideal for pre-Christmas drinks or other evening social events which call for some glamour.


Citrine, with its deep orangey yellow tones also evokes the changing colours of autumn and the Clementine collection encapsulates all of these in one stunning design.  Gold, silver, citrine and cubic zirconia are combined in an elegant setting which brings all the colours of autumn together.  Again, the necklace is a well weighted pendant which will look fantastic over knitwear and the three pieces together bring a sophisticated, expensive look to any outfit.  Even with a long sleeved jumper the ring stands out, bringing the whole look together.


Another collection with these tones is the Orange Gelato collection, a four piece set which can be mixed and matched with complementary tones to create a gorgeous autumnal look.  The bangle is ideal for wearing over a jumper sleeve and the scattered citrine stones evoke the berries on autumn hedgerows. This design can be worn with pieces from the Clementine collection to combine designs with similar tones into a thought out look.  The delicate studs, with their beautiful setting, are ideal for a country pub lunch with friends or a shopping trip; they look great with formal and casual clothes so for a versatile set of jewellery you can wear with any autumnal outfit the Orange Gelato is perfect.


If we don't get an extended summer there's no need to despair – embrace the autumn look and bring a little shine and sparkle to the dark nights ahead.