Once again we're facing an uncertain autumn and winter, but one thing you can be certain of is that birthstone jewellery from Amore Argento makes the perfect birthday present (even if it's a birthday gift to yourself) and will brighten the day of anyone who opens one of our gift boxes.  The birthstones we're focusing on this time are opal for October, citrine for November and topaz for December.


Opal is the perfect stone for transitioning from long summer evenings to the shorter days of autumn and it's the birthstone for October but looks fantastic on everyone no matter when they were born.  The neutral overall tone of opals makes them the ideal accompaniment to almost any outfit and the shimmering silicate particles in the stone dances in all levels of light.  This almost iridescent quality means it looks great in the low light of early autumn days, but it also looks great by the fireside in a country pub or by candlelight during a romantic dinner.


Although opals have a lot of superstition attached to them, most of these arose as a result of the delicate nature of the stone.  Opals were notoriously hard to cut and they are susceptible to damage from hard knocks and this led to it being perceived as bad luck, because it was bad luck to an inexperienced lapidary.  We don't think that a stone as gorgeous as opal could ever be bad luck, especially when it's used in pieces as stunning as our Opaltine collection.  This beautiful three piece set (ring, earrings and necklace), worn as an ensemble, will turn heads in even the most sophisticated of environments.  If you have a birthday trip to the theatre planned then these pieces will be the ideal accessories to wear.


Wearing one piece from the Opaltine collection for a more casual event also works really well – it's the sort of accessorising we think that Coco Chanel would approve of; the addition of one showstopper to a casual outfit gives your whole look the feeling of effortless chic.  If you prefer something equally gorgeous but with a more simple type of mount, then our Spicy Opal earrings and necklace are for you.  If you want to go the other way and have something really ornate then our Reverso Opal necklace, with a regally swirling mount and cubic zirconia accents will suit your taste.  You can pair the Reverso necklace with some more understated opal pieces to ensure the attention is on the necklace, but that all your other accessories match.


At the more budget friendly end of the spectrum is the Vita birthstone collection which has a necklace and stud earrings option for each of the twelve birthstones.  A bubble edged mount brings a youthful energy to the pieces and they'll work with so many outfits that you won't want to take them off (but we recommend removing opal jewellery before exercise, cleaning chores, sleeping and gardening or beach days).


Join us for the next instalment of our autumnal birthstone jewellery picks, ideal for giving as a present, or buying for you.