Welcome back to our top picks of our autumnal birthstone jewellery.  With an uncertain season ahead we wanted to find the most mood boosting, gorgeous jewellery that we are certain birthday celebrators will love.


Moving into November we'll see the leaves start to change colour and fall, which means we'll be out raking leaves at least once a week.  Citrine, the November birthstone, is a pretty yellow-orange toned gem which reflects these colours making it the ideal colour for accessorising in this season.  It's also said to help boost positivity and optimism, so at a time of year when the days are drawing in this gemstone can give our mood a much needed boost.


Our Vita birthstone collection has a necklace and stud earrings for every birthstone and citrine is no exception.  The modern, cute bubble mount is a youthful option but works for every age.  If you prefer something sleeker then the Orbit earrings, with a smooth sterling silver mount will suit you perfectly.  The Purity birthstone collection is the most pared back of all our designs, using the classic claw mount to let the stone speak for itself. 


If the mount of the Vita style ring appeals then why not add the citrine Dimple ring to make it a three piece ensemble?  This pretty ring uses the bubble style mount which will complement the Vita pieces but there's added sparkle with channel set cubic zirconia down the shoulders of the ring.  We think for a mood boosting birthday gift this is ideal – wearing citrine on your hands ensures you'll see it all day long and it will make you smile and give you a lift each time the sparkling piece catches your eye.


The sleek modernism of the Orbit earrings makes them ideal to pair with the Vivid Orange necklace to make a complementary twin set that is ideal for everyday wear.  The mount styles are similar, encasing the stone in shining sterling silver to really set off the glowing qualities of the stone.  If something extra special is in order then the Clementine collection is perfect, and it's also at a wallet friendly price point making it the ideal joint family gift with one relative purchasing each piece.


The Clementine collection has a similar style to the Opaltine pieces we recommended for October, so for a meal out, a romantic date night or even just a special evening with friends these pieces will shine and elevate your outfit.  As an ensemble the Clementine collection would be ideal for a special evening round a fire, reminiscing and making new memories, as the stone really comes into its own in the firelight.  As with the Opaltine pieces, wearing a single item from the Clementine set is a great daytime look, adding a touch of glamour to an everyday outfit to create that effortless elegance look.


Next time we'll look at the December birthstone, topaz.  Although technically December is a winter month, it's intrinsically linked to the previous months through holidays like Halloween or Bonfire Night and definitely part of the run up to Christmas, the real focus of the autumn and winter seasons.