We're right in the depths of winter with short days and freezing nights, and while spring might be only a few months away we've have a lot more cold, dark days  to get through before we start to see the sun a bit more.  What better way to brighten up your life than with some stunning colourful jewellery from Amore Argento?


The Pantone Color Institute is the last word on fashionable and contemporary colours, and they are predicting bright colours as well as some muted pastel shades for 2020, with blue being the standout star.  There is also a smattering of different warm colours from rich reds to orange and yellow, so topaz, aquamarine, sapphires, garnet, rubies and citrine are all great picks for on trend colours.


The great thing about blue gemstones is that they work really well all year round, mirroring the icy feel of the weather and a crisp winter sky during the colder months, and providing a refreshing accent to warmer colours in the summer – blue gems also look fantastic with a tan making them very versatile.  Our Rhapsody in Blue collection is a beautiful four-piece set which evokes the look of icicles or even a frozen waterfall.  Different shades of blue topaz are set in a sinuous line interspersed with cubic zirconia, which adds sparkle and provides a glittering backdrop for the topaz.  These pieces are ideal for pairing with a simple outfit, or for wearing as an ensemble with a floor length gown for a sophisticated look.


If you like the look of the complementary shades of topaz you'll love the Triplicity set which features three shades of topaz.  The design draws inspiration from floral shapes and snowflakes and the delicate silver circles which nestle between each stone emphasises the snowflake idea.  The earrings and matching necklace make a beautiful accompaniment to any outfit, both smart and casual and they'll work just as well with a floaty summer dress as with a cosy winter outfit. 


Our Blue Bomb cocktail rings and Blue Moon cocktail jewellery also combine varying shades of topaz in a clustered cocktail style, which is ideal for extroverts and those who love to go one step further with their accessories.  Not for the faint-hearted these extravagant pieces are perfect for sophisticated nights out on the town, at the theatre or opera, or for adding a touch of flair to a simple outfit.  These pieces make quite the impact and they're fabulous gifts too.


Sapphires are a classic stone which have been desirable for centuries for their clarity and depth of colour.  Our Serenity sapphire earrings and necklace twin the richness of the sapphires with cubic zirconia which really sets off that deep blue.  The sterling silver mount works beautifully with these stones for an expensive look in a unique style which you're sure to be asked about, so get ready to spread the word when you wear the Serenity set.  With a business-smart look they'll elevate your style to new heights, and with a smart-casual outfit they'll make you look so elegant people will assume you're a celebrity.  The Everlasting sapphire ring is ideal for matching with the Serenity pieces if you want to include a ring in your accessories.


For those who prefer a cooler blue tone aquamarine is a fantastic stone.  Long associated with seafaring and good luck this stone is a precious one, with a fabulously delicate colour that works with a range of colours.  We have styles ranging from simple and understated to opulent and indulgent, so there's a choice to suit every aesthetic and budget.


Check back in for part two of our pick of the most beautiful pieces for brightening up a dark winter's day.