Welcome back to our pick of the best, most radiant gems to lift your spirits and your look during the dark days of winter.  We've looked at the standout stars of the blue gemstones and now we turn our attention to the warming qualities of garnet, citrine and rubies.


Citrine is a gorgeous stone with real warmth and when combined with sterling silver and yellow gold, as in the Clementine collection, it radiates beautifully adding a warming, cheering touch to a snuggly winter outfit.  The large oval cut stones reflect the light and glow against your skin to boost your mood and flatter you, and the line of cubic zirconia on the mount adds to the sparkle.  The combination of silver and yellow gold lifts the look even further and when worn as an ensemble these pieces add richness to your look that is hard to beat.


Our Orange Gelato collection also uses yellow gold in the mount to set off the warm citrine, but as this set has smaller stones it's ideally suited for casual and office wear.  The bangle especially is a striking piece which really ties a look together when worn with the other pieces, and with a sprinkling of cubic zirconia the way it catches the light will bring a smile to your face every time your eye catches it.


Rubies have been prized for millennia and with good reason.  They are found in a range of colours from a pinkish red all the way to a deep, rich colour which brings to mind the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz – perfect for bringing out your inner star.  The richest tones can be found in our timeless Classico set, a design with a classic look which seems like it could be an heirloom set passed down through the family.  This elegant cluster style has been popular for many years and because early 20th century jewellery was often set in this way; the Classico set is a desirable collection for people who love that look.  The Classico set, worn as an ensemble, will turn heads at any posh parties and the pieces can be worn individually with a casual outfit to lift it to new heights.


Like the Everlasting sapphire ring, the ruby version is a great investment for anyone wanting a splash of colour they can see all the time, and when given as a gift it sends a lovely message that will be remembered every time it is worn.


Perfect for wearing during the transition from winter to spring, the Camellia collection adds warmth and brings to mind the flowers we're waiting to see.  Oval garnets make the petals, edged by a row of cubic zirconia around each one.  This cubic accent makes the garnets shine out thanks to the way they direct the light into the centre.  We just love this design, which combines both delicate floral inspirations with the strength of the garnets for the perfect balance between pretty and punchy.


We hope you've found the perfect pieces to treat yourself to as a reward for getting through another cold winter, ready to step into spring with style.