At Amore Argento we don't just create designs for our collection; we have a great in house team of designers and craftspeople who have a long pedigree in the jewellery world.  We can channel all these skills into creating a beautiful piece of jewellery which speaks to your personal style, perhaps incorporating some family history and heirloom pieces as well.


Our bespoke service runs from changing the stones in one of our pieces for ones which are significant to you, all the way to creating a new piece from your design.  We can even work with you on the design, to achieve something which meets your vision but which is also sturdy and hard wearing enough for everyday wear.


One idea which is very popular is to take heirloom jewellery and have the stones re-set into a design you will actually wear.  We can even melt down the metal and use that to create the new piece, so while it may look very different, all the elements of the original piece are there, along with the memories and history they contain. 


A trend which is taking off at the moment, and which we think could be here to stay for a long time, is for people to look through their jewellery collections for items they don't wear any more but which are significant and therefore must be kept, and items that no longer fit your personal style and have these reworked into charms for a charm bracelet.  Doing this allows you to have all your significant pieces together in one bracelet which can become a new family heirloom along with the story of the original pieces.  A charm bracelet can be passed down the generations, new pieces being added all the time, or the charms split between different family members who are most suited to each one.  This can then form the basis of a new charm bracelet which can go on to be inherited by the next generations, keeping all those family memories going.


If you've got pieces you can't bear to part with, but also can't wear or which don't fit your style then we are the ideal people to help rework them into something you'll love to wear.  We can also design something around a theme for a new piece, or take elements of our existing designs and combine them with other elements to create something truly unique for you.


A bespoke engagement ring is a really nice touch for a proposal, so if you're looking for the perfect engagement ring but you can't find something which ticks all the boxes, we can create the piece you want for a proposal which will get a definite yes.  Bespoke wedding rings are also a lovely way of cementing your relationship and we can work with couples on creating a set of wedding rings which reflect your love for each other that you'll love to wear for the rest of your life.


If you're interested in our bespoke services please get in touch by phone (0345 450 3966) or alternatively you can email us at Enquiries@Itsamore.Co.Uk