We could all do with something to lift our spirits at the moment and we think jewellery is a lovely way to do this.  We can make ourselves feel better by dressing up a little and spread the joy to those we see with some sparkly, colourful jewellery that will bring some light in difficult times.


Our Razzamatazz bracelet is a lovely way to lift your mood – because you can see bracelets while you wear them, unlike earrings, and they will bring a smile to your face every time you catch a glimpse of them; our Razzamatazz style is perfect for spreading happiness and colour.  With seven different oval shaped stones (cubic zirconia, iolite, topaz, citrine, peridot, garnet and amethyst) interspersed with sterling silver oval shaped links this piece is a real showstopper, ideal for wearing with prints or plain styles.  The mix of colours ensures there will be one that matches any print perfectly, and with a plain outfit this bracelet becomes the star of the show.  Very versatile, this bracelet will age well and be stylish for many, many years to come.


Our Rainbow and Follow the Rainbow cocktail jewellery is similarly bright and colourful, using a riot of colours and shapes to create a vibrant ring, earrings and necklace.  This is cocktail jewellery at its finest, and although visiting a cocktail bar might be off the menu for a while yet, you can always host your own at home, in the garden or over the internet and recreate the experience; not to mention that you get the chance to dress up and escape reality for a short while.  These pieces look best with sophisticated, sleek outfits without too many patterns – the mix of shapes and sizes in these pieces means they can clash with busy patterns or statement clothing but we're all for giving new looks a go, so experiment and see what you like.


Our Fantasia Mix pieces are also brightly coloured with a mix of different gemstones.  Drawing on the popular Fantasia design they are an Amore Argento classic, updated with brilliant colours for a youthful look.  They team well with the original Fantasia pieces, so they're a fantastic investment for making your jewellery collection more versatile, and will be loved by anyone you let borrow them, or pass them on to, especially teens and young adults.


Our Jelly Bean necklace is perfect for a fun, vibrant look.  A beautiful sterling silver swirl is adorned with a riot of different coloured cabochon cut gemstones which let the light through, making this an ideal summer necklace.  When you lean forward or dance about the stones will catch the light and shine through, giving a pretty stained glass effect.  This is a necklace that screams fun, so if you need a mood boost or a little shake up to get energised this necklace will do it.  Pair with Orbit earrings in a complementary colour (there are citrine, amethyst, garnet and topaz to choose from) for a contemporary, exciting look.


We hope this has given you some inspiration and that looking at these colourful pieces has lifted your mood already.  Order today and you can bring some much needed sparkle and colour into your lives which will help your morale and resolve.