The gift of jewellery is often thought of as a gift for romantic partners to exchange and it's not hard to see why this association persists.  Significant anniversaries are symbolised by gemstones of different colours, while rings are a token of eternal commitment.  Jewellery is often a safe bet as a gift for a woman, especially if you have a good idea of her tastes and styles, but we don't often think of giving jewellery to our female friends, whose styles and tastes we know inside out.


The hardest part of buying jewellery as a gift, is knowing what to choose, but this is largely taken out of the equation when buying jewellery for friends.  It's likely you'll have talked about your jewellery wish list, your styles and tastes at length, so you'll already have a solid idea of what to look for.


The Ariana Grande song 7 Rings is a great example of someone buying jewellery for her friends, in this case, matching diamond rings, and this is a good starting point for inspiration when shopping for your friendship group.  If you all have similar tastes then matching jewellery can be a great gift, and one which will keep you all feeling connected even when we can't socialise normally.  Our birthstone collections are the ideal place to start, as we have designs which feature all the different birthstones.  For each of your friends buy a necklace or earrings with their personal birthstone, all of the same style; which you can wear as a reminder of your friendship and when you can meet up in person, wearing these matching gifts will add a strong connection.


If your friendship group has more diversity in taste the birthstone angle is still a good option.  You can search for a particular birthstone within our collections and instantly find a wide range of options of all types of jewellery.  There's no fear if your friends don't all have pierced ears as we have stunning clip on earrings as well as studs and drop earrings, we really do have something for everyone.


Necklaces and earrings are the most common items of jewellery to gift, as they're easy to wear and most people enjoy wearing necklaces. However, bangles are similarly easy to wear and often overlooked.  Our collection of bracelets and bangles runs from the simple and stylish to the ornate, studded with gemstones.  Our Swoosh and Enchanting bangles are sleek and modern and will go with any outfit from casual to formal and everything in between.  Our Fantasia Mix and Razzamatazz options are colourful and bold, studded with gorgeous coloured gemstones which pack a real punch. 


Another option is to look for the colours your friends like, or the styles.  If your friend has a love for all things traditional and classic then our Classico collections and Apollo necklaces are a good bet, with nods to vintage styling in a wearable style.  Cluster settings are very vintage in look, so cluster rings and earrings are a good bet for those with a classic style.  Bold personalities will carry off our Spicy and Regal pieces with large stones and glittering cubic zirconia, and our cocktail jewellery is also a good bet for outgoing friends who love to glam up.


Friends with more understated style may appreciate simple Purity studs, in a timeless claw setting, featuring their personal birthstone or their favourite colour.  We also have some beautiful, modern looking sterling silver drop earrings without stones, ideal for the shyer and more retiring types who still like to add a little flair to their look.


With discounts for multiple purchases, buying Amore Argento jewellery for your friends is a great way to get your Christmas shopping sorted while giving high quality, beautiful jewellery that will be treasured for many years to come.