If you want earrings which accentuate your best features and bring out your eyes, you have to pay particular attention to the colour, shape and style of your earrings.  Colours which complement and match your eye colour in tone will help bring out that colour in them.  Although there aren't infinite eye colours, many of us have shades of other colours in our eyes which can be muted or enhanced based on what colours we wear around our face – our earrings and our top can make a huge difference to how our eyes look.


If you have blue eyes then any blues and green shades will make your eyes stand out.  Topaz and sapphires are best – aquamarine is a very subtle blue which isn't quite strong enough to influence how your eye colour appears.  Our Duo Bleu earrings will complement striking blue eyes, accentuating the lighter and darker tones with the two shades of blue topaz in the earrings.  The Duo Vert earrings are also great for blue-green eyes and even hazel-brown eyes to emphasize the green tones.


If you have green eyes, emeralds are a stunning choice for you.  Emeralds have a very rich green tone to them which sits on the warmer side of the green spectrum.  Our Circle of Life emerald earrings are gorgeous for people with green and hazel eyes, while peridot is a brighter, more olive toned stone.  Our Purity, Orbit and Vita birthstone collections all have peridot options so there's a choice of mount style to select from. 


Brown eyes can be made warmer by wearing red earrings, either garnets or rubies.  Rubies do tend to have a pinker tone than garnets, so opt for garnet to be sure that the stone colour will complement your eye colour and bring out the warm depths.  Again, our birthstone collections have a selection of garnet earrings, and our Spicy Red pair is a showy, stunning pair of drop studs which will also complement the shape of your eyes.


Authentic hazel and purple toned eyes are quite rare, and may stand out well enough on their own.  Amethysts will help bring out the purple tones in your eyes, while peridot and citrine can bring out hazel eyes beautifully.  Why not play around with different colours and see what effect they have on your eyes?


Which style you choose depends on your hairstyle and the length of your neck – some people with a long neck can wear very long earrings, while others with a shorter neck find these can actually make their necks appear shorter.  The Duo Vert or Bleu are perfect for people who want to give the impression of a longer neck, because the teardrop shaped section of these earrings hang below the lobe, but are not too dangly, thereby elongating the neck slightly.


If you have long hair and wear it down then drop earrings can be tricky, especially on a breezy day where your hair might get blown about and tangled in ornate drop earrings.  Studs and open hoops are better as they don't get tangled up, and they're easy to extricate yourself from should they trap any of your hair.  If you have short hair, or wear it up all the time then you can wear a larger style of earring, such as our Lace or Waves drop earrings.  A larger earring with an up-do or short hair helps to accentuate the face and frame it beautifully, so you can create a different impact depending on the earrings you wear.


Simply put, choose your earring colour based on how it affects your eyes if you want to make them stand out.  The style and shape are secondary considerations, but these aspects can make a big difference to how effective the colour complement is – if they're too small or hidden away behind your hair they can't be seen and therefore won't bring out the different tonal qualities of your eyes as well.