Cocktail rings are experiencing a renaissance at the moment as a symbol of indulgence; a tonic to the tough times we are living through.  Cocktail rings originally came into fashion during the 1920s depression era and were seen in speakeasies and illegal drinking dens all over America.  This period in history saw a lot of hardship globally but America also had prohibition – the banning of alcohol consumption.  People were desperate to escape the harsh realities of life at the time, so getting tipsy on cocktails in a secret backroom bar was a great way of forgetting the problems and enjoying the moment.  Cocktail rings started to appear as another way of creating an opulent aesthetic that lifted people's moods.


Cocktail rings are much bigger than a standard ring and feature large stones, often clustered together to create a riot of colour or to showcase all the stones someone owns in a single piece.  They were typically worn over gloves which showed off the wild designs and colours.  It's no surprise that cocktail rings are becoming popular again 100 years later as we experience something like a depression era ourselves.  They were seen on the red carpet at Cannes worn by stars like Sharon Stone, Georgina Chapman and Coco Rocha, and jewellery brand Fenton has launched a new collection of cocktail rings inspired by the women in the company.  These showy rings use all sorts of coloured gemstones and setting styles, some sticking with a colour palette and others going all out with a spectrum of colour.


Our own cocktail rings are ideal for getting that red carpet glamour and adding a touch of luxury to your look whether you're out on the town or attending a cocktail party with friends.  The most colourful option we have is the Rainbow cocktail ring which uses five coloured stones in different cuts to create this burst of colour.  There are matching earrings and a necklace which you can wear with the ring to create a showy ensemble, or just add either the earrings or necklace for a look that's still sumptuous without being over the top. 


Our Follow The Rainbow cocktail ring also uses the same colours but in more muted tones, making it ideal for daytime events where the sunlight will catch the stones beautifully.  Of course, the Rainbow cocktail ring can be worn in the daytime too but it will shine very brightly; depending on the colours in your outfit and how much you want to stand out either of these rings are ideal for catching attention.


Although multi-coloured cocktail rings are in fashion, there are options which use one or two colours to create a stunning ring that will look amazing when you're holding a cocktail glass.  Our Punch cocktail ring uses four large stones clustered together with a name inspired by boozy drinks to create a ring that you'll just love to wear.  The amethyst and topaz in this piece means it can be matched with many of our earrings and necklaces, such as the bold emerald cut Blue Lagoon earrings (necklace also available) or the amethyst Lavender studs which also feature a large bold stone. 


If you want to use a single colour to accessorise your cocktail look then the topaz Blue Bomb cocktail ring is ideal for you.  Different tones and cuts of topaz fit together in a chunky band of colour across the ring and because the setting puts the stones at different angles it will catch the light from every direction.  You can add bold earrings like the Blue Lagoon studs or opt for another of our pairs if you want a smaller earring so as not to overshadow the ring.

 Purple lovers are spoilt for choice, as the Purple Rain and Purple Haze cocktail rings both use this pretty colour to full effect.  The Purple Rain ring has the same style as the Punch ring with four large stones, while the Purple Haze option uses a selection of smaller cuts and shapes clustered together which look like drops of dew catching the early morning light at sunrise.  Both options are perfect for sophisticated events and because we have a wide range of amethyst necklaces and earrings, you can find an option which uses one of the same shapes to complement these stunning rings.


With the Christmas party season approaching we'll be glad to be able to show off our most opulent jewels in person, but the great thing about cocktail jewellery is that it also looks gorgeous on camera, so if your party turns into a virtual event you don't need to find a new outfit, just let these beautiful pieces speak for themselves.