Going through your jewellery collection can be quite a big job, in the same way that sorting through your clothes turns into a huge job and you end up with various piles of clothing scattered about the place and nothing seems to get thrown out.  When we undertake this kind of clean out we often find things we haven't worn for ages and they get a new lease of life, and we also realise which old favourites need replacing.  The same goes for your jewellery box, but don't despair, we have a great plan for sorting out your jewellery collection.


First, sort everything you own into categories: everyday, office, dressy, heirloom/ sentimental, broken, don't fit (rings) and “not my taste”.  You can quickly remove the items which aren't to your taste and either sell them, donate them to charity or gift them to someone you know who would love them.  The other option is to have these items re-set into something you will wear.  Next, sort each pile into types, setting all the rings together, all the earrings and so on.  You may find you have several similar pieces in these categories, so decide whether you really need them all.  If not, sell, donate or gift those items too.


The rings which don't fit anymore could be resized, or you could have the stones taken out and re-worked into something else.  Put these items with the pile of things to re-work.  Single earrings can be tricky to know what to do with, because the single earring trend often appears several times in a decade.  Some single earrings are perfect for this, while others are less appropriate.  You might even consider commissioning a matching earring if the one you have lost is of great sentimental value to you. 


Have your sentimental and heirloom jewellery professionally cleaned and then stored away in an appropriate box, wrapped up and protected from scratches.  It's also a good idea to clean the jewellery you wear regularly, whether by a professional jeweller or at home (please be careful with cleaning jewellery at home as some stones, especially opal and pearls, are delicate and easily damaged by some jewellery cleaning solutions).  If you haven't insured your jewellery yet, take this opportunity to get a quote and to photograph and document your pieces.


We recommend adding some extra chains and earring backs to your collection so you can easily replace these if they get lost.  Our sterling silver rhodium coated chains are dual length and tarnish-resistant, so they're a great addition to any jewellery box, whether to replace a broken chain or just to give you the option of wearing a pendant at a different length.


Before you put everything away again make sure you give your jewellery box a good clean, and invest in a new one or some alternative storage if yours isn't suitable any longer.  As you put each item back make a list of everything you have – for large collections this can be really helpful, especially if you have a large storage area for it – a list with a code of where everything is can be invaluable when accessorising.


If there are some gaps in your jewellery stash and you're missing some of the classic items, like pearl stud earrings or a tennis bracelet, then why not order these from us and complete your collection?