Bracelets are an often overlooked item of jewellery, especially as we come out of the chilly weather where we're all wearing long sleeves and not able to show off our favourite pieces of wrist wear.  There's no time like the present, then, to get some new bracelets that will work with your existing wardrobe and inspire you to get your arms out again. 


Our lovely Deep Joy bracelet certainly inspires deep joy when you wear it and it is incredibly versatile; working well with a casual outfit or as part of a more formal ensemble with stacked arm candy.  The round cubic zirconia catch the light in a subtle way, as they are joined by elongated links to make this an understated but still beautiful piece which shows skin peeking through the metal chain.  This use of space is a modern twist which we think works really well in this bracelet.  This would be fantastic for the office or a casual weekend trip away, but can be dressed up with a structured top and heels.


Continuing the theme of space in between the links our Line of Love bracelet uses chunky links and circles to great effect.  Each cubic zirconia studded circle is joined by another smaller circle which really draws the light in, so you'll be sure to catch some admiring glances when you wear this out.  Again, this is a really versatile bracelet but a little bolder than Deep Joy, making it ideal for business meetings, lunches out and more formal evening events as well - it's one you can wear all day that will look great in any environment.  Our Lifeline bracelet was inspired by the Line of Love, and you can see that influence in the design as we have opted for oval links, but this time both of the links are the same size.  Like the Line of Love, the Lifeline bracelet features glittering cubic zirconia on every other oval link to catch the light and sparkle.


Combining elements from all three of these bracelets is the Line of Joy bracelet, featuring circular links of varying sizes, the largest of which are embellished with cubic zirconia.  The blend of features makes this a great gift for someone who already has one of the other pieces, as you can be sure they'll like it.  It is wearable and effortlessly chic, the perfect option for someone with a busy lifestyle who needs jewellery they can wear to any event even when the invitation is a spontaneous one.


We couldn't miss out the Fantasia mini bangle as the ideal companion to these bracelets as they would look great worn together.  The Fantasia collection centres on circles and sparkle just like these other four bracelets, so the delicate mini version of the bangle is ideal for matching with these other pieces, or for wearing on its own at the same type of event.  The chunkier version of the Fantasia bangle is dressier and edgier than the mini version, but if you want to make more of a statement with similar design features then the Fantasia is perfect for you.


Finally, our Angelica bangle is a delicate piece suitable for everyday wear, and it uses cubic zirconia and delicate silver work with spaces in between to great effect, making it very similar in design terms to our others and therefore ideal to pair with any of these pieces.  Make every day a special one with one of our gorgeous bracelets and bangles that will look fantastic around any wrist.