Sometimes people don't like the colour of their birthstone, or they don't suit wearing that colour.  If you're one of those people, or you're getting a present for someone who has already expressed that they don't like the colour then you don't have to swear off buying birthstone jewellery as there are alternative stones for each month, for days of the week and even for the guardian angel associated with a particular month.  Choosing jewellery with one of these alternative stones allows you to still give a gift that will be appreciated, or wear a significant stone you actually like the colour of.


People born in January who don't like red could wear onyx, the stone associated with the guardian angel of that month.  We don't use onyx in our jewellery yet, but there is always the option of the day stone.  These are:


Sunday – topaz

Monday – pearl

Tuesday – ruby

Wednesday – amethyst

Thursday – sapphire

Friday – emerald

Saturday – diamond


Our Rainbow Cocktail pieces are ideal for January babies, as they combine garnet with several other stones including topaz and amethyst, the stones for Sunday and Wednesday.  These are bright, colourful pieces which suit a bold personality and look stunning presented as gifts.  This way of wearing your birthstone or day stone combined with many other colours is a great way to have a personally significant piece of jewellery which isn't instantly recognisable as a birthstone piece – ideal for the mysterious woman.


The birthstones associated with certain months have changed a lot over the centuries, the most recent changes being in the 20th century, when the birthstones were standardised in the UK and in America.  Before that many of the stones were completely different and hailed from central European religious traditions, usually drawing inspiration from the Biblical story of Aaron's breastplate.  The January birthstone is the only one which has not changed over the years.


If a February born person doesn't like the delicate shades of lilac found in amethysts then the 15th century alternative is pearl.  Pearls are a great investment as they look better on women with maturity than on very young skin, so they're a fantastic gift that will be treasured for many years to come.  Our pearl wedding collection has some beautiful pieces, including simple and elegant stud earrings and modern necklaces that can be worn with everything.  Pisceans tend to be quite understated so these February born people will suit our pearl jewellery perfectly. 


The accepted birthstone for March is aquamarine, but this subtly toned pale blue isn't everyone's cup of tea.  The guardian angel stone is ruby, a total opposite to the delicate blue of aquamarine, and we have some stunning ruby jewellery at every price point.  Our Vivo birthstone collection includes ruby earrings and a matching necklace which are affordable, while our Melody Ruby necklace or Ruby Serenity pieces will stretch your budget a little further. 


Diamonds or cubic zirconia are traditional for April, but diamonds can be very expensive and not everyone likes clear stones so it's good to have an alternative.  In the 15th century sapphires were associated with April, and the guardian angel stone is topaz, both precious and desirable stones – lucky April born people!  Both sapphires and topaz are blue, so it's down to personal choice whether you prefer the variable pale shades of blue that topaz brings, or the deeper blue of sapphire.  We also have some pink sapphire jewellery, so there's a pink option for those who love the colour but still want to wear their birthstone.  Our Everlasting rings are available with blue or pink sapphires and these make a stunning present.  For a smaller budget our Vivo birthstone collection has sapphire and topaz options, and we also have a wide range of topaz jewellery of all styles, so there's a lot of choice for April babies.


Emeralds are now associated with May.  The alternative stones for May aren't ones we use in our jewellery (agate and carbuncle) so the days of the week stones offer a good option for a different colour.

Join us for part two soon where we continue with June and complete the year …