The month of April is famed for its wet, showery weather and this year will be no exception.  It might prevent us from enjoying the great outdoors for a few days, but it's vital for nature and helps everything bloom for us, to marvel at when the sun comes out.  If you're stuck indoors, waiting to venture out as soon as it stops raining you're not alone, but while the heavens are open why not draw some inspiration from nature and wear some water inspired jewellery to provide your own brightness?


Our Rhapsody in Blue collection is the perfect embodiment of rain, with different shades of topaz and cubic zirconia cascading down like a waterfall.  This four piece set will brighten even the wettest day and bring some much needed sparkle with its pretty style and because it features cubic zirconia it's also a perfect gift for an April birthday.  The bangle and ring are especially suitable for wet weather because the stones resemble the splashes of raindrops in puddles, so you can embody the spirit of the season with style.  This set is very versatile, looking great with a long evening gown, or pick a couple of pieces to finish a casual outfit with a touch of elegance.


Our Duo Bleu two piece earrings and necklace set also draws on the natural world for inspiration and features two topaz stones of different shades and shapes.  The circular stone at the top suspends the droplet shaped one beneath which adds movement to the pieces that works beautifully to evoke the falling rain.  The stunning facets on the stones really catch the light when you move and provide a shimmering sparkle that stands out against the sleek sterling silver mount.  These elegant pieces work really well with simple outfits for a sleek look, and they can provide a modern edge to a conventional ball gown or cocktail dress.


If you like the drop shape in the Duo Bleu, you'll love the Peardrop necklace and earrings.  The drop shaped topaz is surrounded by little cubic zirconia, adding a glittery touch to these elegant pieces.  This set is ideal for wearing at an early evening event when you want to make the most of the newly light evenings and make a splash.  Again, the cubic zirconia represents the April birthstone so these would make a great gift, and one which will be worn immediately.


Blue is a colour traditionally associated with water, but if you're not a fan of the colour then our purple amethyst Raindrop necklace and earrings provide the perfect rain-inspired pieces for you.  A raindrop shaped amethyst hangs from sterling silver mount which evokes the cascade of water in its styling.  A tiny cubic zirconia nestles within this shape, adding an understated sparkle which lifts the design in a natural way.  As with our Duo style, these pieces have a little movement which is flattering and totally in keeping with the rainy season theme. 


If you want to go for something neutral with a rainy theme our Teardrop sterling silver drop earrings are ideal.  Twin droplet shapes move with each other as you move your head to bring out the look of cascading rainfall and because there are no stones in these pieces they will work with any colours and outfits, providing a delicate accent to any outfit.  These also make a great gift for any occasion, so if you're looking for a gift for a water sign these are perfect.


We think there's no better way to lift your mood on a drizzly day than putting on something sparkly, or doing a little online shopping for something to brighten even the most overcast April day.  Our website is a great place to pick up some pretty jewellery that you'll love to wear, come rain or shine.