With the world situation changing so rapidly it's hard to know when we might be able to indulge in some of the pastimes and activities that we wrote about in our “Get the Look” series, but that doesn't mean we can't work around restrictions and make these into virtual dates.  One thing people have struggled with in lockdown is the suspension of our normal routine and the dressing that goes with it.  If you're working from home it's tempting to stay in your pyjamas all day, only putting on a decent top for a video call.  Some people have opted for a sleeping pyjama set and another for daytime wear and although this is comfortable, it doesn't mentally set you up for the different activities you could do and this contributes to the blurring together of the days.


Putting on a specific outfit for meeting a group of friends creates a new attitude towards the event or occasion and this helps us enjoy it.  If we're wearing the same sportswear for relaxing in front of the TV and for having a virtual catch up with friends we can really struggle to get into the right mind-set, making it harder to carry the positive feelings through to the rest of the day without some sort of clue or reminder, such as wearing a favourite outfit or piece of jewellery.


We're all getting used to socialising virtually and it's likely that this will continue in some form for a long time to come, so why not really get into the spirit and dress to impress for these events?  If you're having a virtual cocktail party put on your LBD and your favourite jewellery and make the most of it.  A stunning, showy cocktail ring like our Interlace or Rainbow rings looks great on camera and will catch the light beautifully.  Similarly, the matching Rainbow earrings, or a bold pair like the Spicy Blue earrings will complement your look and get you in the mood for the event.  You'll also brighten everyone's day by making and effort and even inspire your friends to join you in getting dressed to impress.


A casual catch up with family is also a great chance to wear family heirloom jewellery you don't get to wear very often, and you can also experiment with how you accessorise a casual jeans and shirt look.  One of the advantages of video calling is that you can see how you look and how an outfit works in the real world (rather than in a changing room) and get feedback without having to brave the outside world with a look you're not sure of.  If you usually go for bold jewellery, try out a more pared back look, and if you're scared of trying a new, more vibrant look why not go all out and pile on the jewellery for a change?


When we are allowed to socialise more normally, albeit in small groups, a family barbecue or picnic is a lovely time to choose one of the looks we've put together, such as a jumpsuit or maxi dress.  Take our styling as a point of inspiration and work your own aesthetic into it for a personal, stylish look that you'll love to wear and make memories in.  Our Bank Holiday Brightness piece has some great pieces for every leisure activity which match the season and will suit everyone, and although we might have to wait for the next long weekend we can still enjoy the normal weekends we have and boost our spirits.