We may be past the strictest parts of a national lockdown, but the dating world has changed a lot over the last few months, with more and more people eschewing the idea of playing the field and instead getting to know people better via video link or socially distanced walks in the park.  These changes look set to stay as people uncover the value in spending quality time with someone and actually investing time in dating rather than going straight for a physical attraction, so how do you dress and prepare for a video date?


Firstly, you can relax a bit about the prospect of a video date, as it won't be stressful in the same way as an online business meeting would be – you're both there for a fun, enjoyable time and not trying to get a project finished before a deadline.  Lots of people are worried about how they look on camera and on screen, and it can be a bit distracting to see your face on the screen as well.  You can always use some paper or a sticky note to cover that portion of the screen if it makes you feel less self-conscious. 


Lighting can make a huge difference to how you look, so why not set up a video call with a trusted friend and try out different lighting arrangements using natural light and/or lamps to create the most flattering light you can get.  Softly diffused light is usually the most flattering – that's why the Kardashians always use a ring flash light for their selfies, as it is non-directional and therefore doesn't cast shadows that might look unflattering.  Try not to light yourself from the top or side, but more from behind your screen, so your face is clearly illuminated (this also makes the background seem darker, so if you haven't had time to tidy up this also deals with the problem of a messy room!).


When choosing your clothes, think about how you'll be positioned during the video date.  If you want to show off your cleavage with a low cut top, make sure you're not going to be leaning forward too much, or lying down, as this can skew the perspective and throw you out of proportion.  Long loose sleeves can be distracting if you're moving around a lot – there's something about webcams that distorts perspective so when you reach for something behind the camera your date sees an enlarged arm draped in fabric looming towards them.  Choose something comfortable that you won't be rearranging constantly, and that you feel good in.


Jewellery and make up are the finishing touches on your outfit, and these accessories can make a big difference to how you make a first impression.  It's a good idea to wear something that is a matching set so it's more noticeable on camera; our Seductive earrings and necklace are great for wearing on dates both in person and on camera.  Wearing a matching set gives the impression that you are organised and sophisticated and that you like to look your best.  If you're more of a free spirit or you have a bold personality, then choose something that reflects these aspects of your personality.  Take care when wearing large accessories as they can be overwhelming on camera and distracting for your date.  Large rings are especially best avoided, as if you're typing something then that ring will seem huge on camera, being closer to the screen, and this can be quite off putting, taking over the screen and taking attention away from you and what you're saying.  The same goes for bangles which might tap the screen and keyboard, so stick to necklaces and earrings for video dates.


You can get away with a statement necklace, or statement earrings, but going big on both can look fussy on camera – it's hard to get away with both on a small screen, whereas in real life these things are all part of the person in a much more genuine way.