Giving romantic gifts to your partner is one of the Valentine's traditions, and while chocolates, flowers and jewellery are the main gifts it can be nice to make giving these classic presents into a bit of a surprise, or make the gift giving aspect a memory for a lifetime.  Here are some ideas that will make your Valentine's gift stand out that little bit more.


1. Send the jewellery with flowers.  This means using a local florist, so you can give them the jewellery to attach to the bouquet.  You might want to pop it in the envelope with the card or even have the box nestled into the flowers.  Our romantically heart shaped gift boxes are perfect for this and they'll stand out among the blooms.


2. Trick your partner with misleading packaging.  This is best done if you're sure your partner has a sense of humour and you're not in the bad books for anything – if you're at risk of upsetting your partner then steer clear of this idea!  You'll need the box from something non-romantic, like a toaster or other household equipment (if you don't have a spare box ask your friends and family if they have one you can use).  Wrap the jewellery up nicely then put it inside the toaster (or other equipment) box then wrap that too.  Make sure you add some weight to make it convincing and watch your partner's face drop, then light up when they uncover your ruse.


3. Hide it in plain sight.  Sometimes your partner might be expecting some jewellery or another lavish present so you can confound their expectations by giving a decoy present that's not quite what they would be expecting.  Hide your real present, a piece of Amore Argento jewellery, where they'll naturally find it - such as by their toothbrush, next to their favourite mug or even in their car, if you can sneak the keys away without them noticing.  You may not be there to see their face but you'll definitely get a big thank you when you see them.


4. Get someone else to give it.  You might enlist the help of your children to present the jewellery (be careful with younger children as they should never be allowed to play with jewellery unsupervised), a pet (again safety first, make sure the pet can't accidentally swallow it!) or a favourite teddy as the presenter of the jewellery.


5. Make it a real surprise.  If you tend to exchange gifts at the same time of day each year why not switch it up; for example, instead of waiting for the evening, why not give your gift over breakfast?  You could even give it the day before if you want to be really unusual about the timing and this allows your partner to actually wear their new jewellery on Valentine's Day.  Leaving it until later and pretending you've forgotten is another common tactic but that’s not without its potential for arguments!


6. Make your partner look for it.  You could go to the lengths of creating a treasure hunt with clues leading them all around the house hunting high and low for their gift, alternatively you could give them verbal clues about where to find their present if you haven't got the time to spend  writing out lots of clues.  It's a nice idea to hide it somewhere significant in the home or garden for a personal touch.


7. Give a gift inside a gift.  If you have the budget to buy two or more gifts, you can use each one as wrapping for the other.  A new handbag might contain a lovely box of chocolates, which has the jewellery hidden inside the tray (also a good excuse to eat a couple of chocolates to make room!).  Make sure you encourage your partner to keep on looking until they have found the main present.


8. Get creative with the wrapping.  If you don't want to make a big show of giving the gift but you want to put a twist on it, then think about the wrapping choices.  You could use an old map of an area that's special to you, pages from an old calendar with significant dates on, or even wrap it in a silk scarf as a second present.  Our heart shaped boxes are pretty enough not to be wrapped but you can put an extra personal touch to your gift with creative packaging.


We hope you've found some inspiration for gift giving that will make Valentine's Day 2020 one to remember.