Emeralds have been captivating people for millennia.  Cleopatra was known to include a lot of emeralds in her jewellery and loved the exotic green tones – in the desert sands of Egypt the contrast of these stones against the dusty colours of the landscape must have been quite a sight.  The first known emerald deposit was found and mined in Egypt from at least 330BC, and in the 1700s Spanish explorers found more emerald mines in South America, which had been hidden by the Inca.  This meant more emeralds came into the market and more people were able to enjoy them, not lessening the popularity or the value of the stone.


Emeralds are made from beryl, a colourless mineral which takes on colours when certain elements are present.  Chromium, vanadium and iron give emeralds their distinctive green colour with blue undertones, and the blue-green emeralds are the most desirable.  As with all naturally formed gemstones there are imperfections on the surface and inside, which affect the value of the stone.  Emeralds are associated with mental clarity, insight and seeing the truth, and in some cultures they are thought to be helpful in predicting the future.  Emeralds are also linked with wisdom and memory, and perhaps this is why they are believed to be good for foretelling events.


Emeralds are the birthstone for May, and it could not be more fitting as the green complements and represents the budding colours of spring.  Our Vivo birthstone set of studs and a necklace make a great birthday present, either as a set generously given by the same person, as individual pieces given over two years or as a family club-together present.  These would be ideal for an 18th birthday as they're sophisticated yet very wearable and will make the wearer feel very grown up.  The gorgeous emerald sits in a sterling silver mount which takes some inspiration from traditional jewellery but puts a modern twist on it. 


For a more mature look our Classic  collection fits the bill.  This pentagonal cluster style is very traditional, but we have kept our pieces a little understated so they stay on the modern side of classic.  These pieces don't date; the timeless traditional style will always look good and will wear well with age.  This is a three-piece collection which makes a sophisticated statement when worn as an ensemble, but the individual items can be added to an everyday outfit for a little splash of glamour.  The cubic zirconia which surround the emerald help direct and reflect the light around the main stone to really make it stand out and this set would be a fantastic 21st birthday gift for the mature young adult, or for any birthday if the recipient loves traditional glamour.


The modern styling of the Circle of Life collection mean these pieces will look good on anyone of any age and bring your look right up to date.  The turquoise-green tones of the emeralds are really set off by the arrangement of complementing cubic zirconia in the circle shape.  These earrings are very versatile, looking great with a casual Sunday outfit or with more formal work attire and the matching necklace helps tie a look together.  Paired with shoes which have circular details or adornments, or with a round clutch bag the Circle of Life set makes an impact and creates a look which appears both effortless and stylish.


Whether you're purchasing for a friend or relative, or you're looking for a birthday treat for yourself our emerald birthstone jewellery is a classic, safe choice which will be worn for decades to come.