This time last year no-one would have believed you if you'd said that face masks would be the hottest fashion accessory of the year.  Of course, there is a very good reason for people to be wearing them, but this hasn't stopped certain face mask designs being highly sought after, especially those worn by celebrities, and they have become not only a must-have for public health reasons, but for style reasons too.


An emerging trend which relates to mask wearing is mask chains.  These are similar to glasses chains, except they clip to your mask so you can safely remove it when out in the open air without having to carry it or worry about it falling off your ear.  Mask chains mean no more fumbling about in your bag for a mask and they can be a fashion statement at the same time.


It's easy to turn two necklaces into a pretty mask chain by using the clasp end to attach the chain to the fabric of your mask, or the straps, and a safety pin (or a brooch, if you want to make your mask chain look extra pretty) to connect the other two ends together behind your neck.  We think our Love and Kisses Loving You necklace is ideal for this, because the pendant is fixed between the two parts of the chain rather than being threaded on, so the weight of the pendant will keep your mask and chain in place while also spreading a happy message to those around you. 


Our other Love and Kisses necklaces are made in the same way, as are our Apollo necklaces.  The Apollo pendants are very sophisticated in design, so if you are going somewhere upscale where you need to wear a mask then these necklaces are ideal for use as a mask chain, and can also be worn as jewellery in their own right.  With a choice of sapphire, emerald or ruby these are a great investment as jewellery; this is what makes using necklaces for mask chains such a good idea, because you're also wearing two pieces of extra jewellery that you can easily unclip from your mask and wear as a necklace – it's a very versatile trend.


If you want something a little more understated then our new Vesper and Orb necklaces are perfect.  Coloured gemstones sit in a flush mount style in a pretty arrangement which will look stunning as a mask chain and as a necklace.  Paired with complementary coloured gemstone earrings from our Orbit collection the Vesper necklaces will create a striking modern look.  Matching your mask chain to the rest of your jewellery creates a really cohesive, put-together look which screams style, sophistication and safety.


For those that prefer neutral jewellery and those that want a mask chain that can be paired with any colour or style of clothing our Seductive necklace is ideal.  The spiral style is clean and modern and the cubic zirconia adds a flash of sparkle to the piece, which will add a pretty accent to your ensemble.