Jewellery as a gift of friendship has been given for centuries.  Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I, exchanged gifts of jewellery as an overt display of their support for one another; although it was also used as a political statement and a way for one to exert power over the other.  In the 1970s, woven friendship bracelets became a huge trend although the history of handmade bracelets can be traced back to China in 480BC.  These handmade bracelets were exchanged between friends and tied on – the tradition is that they must not be cut off, but allowed to wear out naturally to respect the time and effort your friend put in to making it.


Not everyone wants to wear handmade bracelets and it can be difficult to pair them with a professional look.  That's why we have several gorgeous pieces which can be given to symbolise a friendship, which will also work with a modern wardrobe.  If you wish to stick with tradition opt for our Lifeline bracelet, a wearable and versatile silver and cubic zirconia piece which is both modern and symbolic – your best friend probably is your lifeline when times are hard, so this piece makes the perfect gift.  The modern open link style works with all types of clothes, whether it's a casual look, a business look or a dressy style this bracelet is the ideal accompaniment.  You could buy one for a friend and one for yourself, or if you have a close circle of friends why not get one for all of them?  With our discount codes you could save a pretty penny and still give a pretty gift.


Many of us remember getting and giving necklaces with half a heart on each to our friends, and this might well have been the first piece of proper jewellery we ever had.  It's not the most grown up of looks, however, because of that association with the teenage years, but matching necklaces are still a lovely way to represent the bond between best friends.  The Duo Bleu or Duo Vert necklaces represent a pairing of friends with two stones and you can choose your favourite colour, or wear different colours of the same design if that suits you both better.  These necklaces have matching earrings, which could be a lovely birthday gift to go with the friendship necklace.


If your friend is on the wild side and more of a partner in crime, then the Thrills and Spills necklace represents that relationship perfectly.  We all have a friend who gets the party started and who can be relied upon to create fun and laughter wherever you go, so the name of this piece is ideal.  Two swirl shapes are entwined, one adorned with cubic zirconia which symbolises the sparkle your friend brings with her.  This modern design can be worn in any setting and works with every colour, so it's the ideal piece for a friendship gift that can be enjoyed every day.


For a friend who has been there for you through thick and thin, perhaps as a birthing partner, our Circle of Life necklace makes a lovely gift.  The circle represents eternity – it's the same symbolism as wedding rings – and the cubic zirconia represent all the times your friend has lit up your life, and been your rock when you needed her most.  This is such lovely pieces that even if you both wear it at the same event, everyone will admire your style and might even pick up on the significance of you wearing matching necklaces.  Our Forever necklace also draws on the circular connection with one circle inside another to show that no matter what, your friend is always looking out for you.  If you have a close trio, then the three cubic zirconia which adorn this piece further represents the close bond you all share.


We're delighted to bring these pieces to our customers and hope that you opt for one of these when choosing the gift of matching jewellery for your dearest friends.