Showing your partner that you love them doesn't have to be reserved for special occasions like Valentine's Day, or an anniversary, you can give a token of your love at any time.  In fact, it's often much more genuine to give someone a piece of beautiful jewellery just because you love, them rather than because it's the social tradition.  Why not make it into a special occasion with a favourite meal out or at home, a movie you both love and some quality couple time?


As a love token, heart shaped jewellery is ideal - it sends the right message and will be cherished for many years to come.  Hearts look great on everyone, no matter what the personal style, and we have a lot of hearts to choose from so you can find the one which is perfect for your partner.  For those born in February the Sweet on Me pieces, combining the birthstone with the heart shape are a really thoughtful gift.  Heart shaped amethysts are set in simply elegant mounts, with the necklace pendant also adorned with a cubic zirconia to add sparkle.  This is the ideal set to purchase to give as a set, or over two occasions which will make your partner love you even more when they remember the first gift.


If July or September are significant dates for your partner, then the Love Life Ruby or Sapphire set will make the perfect gift.  These birthstones are combined with cubic zirconia in a gorgeous delicate heart shaped mount and make up a beautiful set which is sure to put a smile on your loved ones' face.


This Hearts Entwined necklace is also a lovely romantic gift which symbolises the shared love you have.  The swirling hearts design shows one heart wrapped around the other with two cubic zirconia to represent the both of you.  A necklace is a great love gift as it is worn close to the heart, and therefore can be discretely tucked away under a top as a personal reminder, or displayed proudly.  The Love You necklaces also feature a double heart, one inside the other, with a partial infill of cubic zirconia to show that love lights up your lives together.  We just love the look of two hearts in one and it's a strong visual message of your shared love.


For couples with children the Love Me necklace is a lovely visual metaphor for the love one has for their family.  A large heart contains a further four smaller ones, which can signify a partner, children or even a pet, all encompassed within the main love heart, just as your family is held inside your heart.


With these ideas at hand why not start planning a romantic night for you and your beloved and give them the gift of love in the form of heart shaped jewellery?  This action speaks louder than words ever can, and the jewellery serves as a permanent reminder of your love for each other.