The whole world is trying to figure out what life will look like in the future and how we manage the situation in the coming months, and even years.  While we may be past the first battle there is still a way to go, and this can feel a little hopeless at times – we all want to move on and progress with life with a renewed energy and vitality.  In a way, we're looking at moving out of a sort of winter and into spring, a time for rebirth and renewal and the gemstones you wear can have a big impact on the way you feel, encouraging you to embrace the free spirit of revitalisation.


Emeralds are a stone associated with spring and fresh growth – it is often said that all the greens of spring can be found in emeralds, and peridot can have the same impact.  Emeralds symbolise youth, renewal and hope, all things we want to embody in ourselves at the moment.  As the birthstone of May, emeralds are perfect for this purpose, and our Vita necklace and earrings are a charming way of wearing emeralds to evoke that spirit.  Our Circle of Life emerald earrings and necklace bring that spirit out even more, using the circle motif to reference the cycle of renewal and rebirth while the emeralds accent the pieces beautifully.  These modern pieces are ideal for wearing anywhere and everywhere, whether you're out doing a food shop and you need a little pick me up, or you're having a socially distanced meet up with a friend outdoors – the green of the emeralds will really complement the colours of nature around you.


Aquamarine is another stone perfect for this situation.  It is associated with cleansing, truth, and clarity and is also said to help with the seasonal transition from winter to spring.  Sailors used to use aquamarine to ensure a safe voyage, and that comparison draws perfectly with our current situation; we all want to stay safe during the transitions in work and society that we all have to deal with.  Again, our Vita collection is a lovely way to wear this stone and the subtle blue tone is very calming, evoking tranquillity and calm.  Our Camellia Aqua collection unites the power of the stone with a spring like motif of flowers, a combination which couldn't be more perfect for the current times.  This would be a nice set to purchase and split between the women in a family, deepening the connection you already have.


Our Opulent Blue ring is also a gorgeous piece for getting you through this challenging time with grace and calm resolve.  The aquamarine stone is nestled between two slim bands of sterling silver which are adorned with cubic zirconia, an eye catching design feature that ensures you'll feel a little boost every time you see the twinkling stones.  This is a sleek and elegant piece which will lift your spirits now, and serve as a powerful reminder of your inner strength in the future.


Garnet is also associated with change and transition, and we will be facing a lot of that in the near future.  It is said to enhance survival instincts and help us navigate tricky situations and that's what we need right now.  Our Camellia collection is available with garnet stones, making this a lovely set to have for getting through the tough times ahead – you could even mix and match the garnet and aquamarine pieces for a unique look.  Our Orbit and Purity collections also feature garnet pieces if you want something sleeker.  Garnet is a great stone for wearing through the changes of the seasons and looks fantastic with autumnal outfits making it a fabulous investment now.