The tradition of giving something up for Lent comes from the idea that after Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day, if you prefer!) people would fast for the remainder of the period until Easter, the festival of rebirth which also celebrates the arrival of spring and the growing season.  This was to pay homage to Jesus' journey into the desert which lasted for 40 days, the same length of time as Lent (excluding the Sundays during that period).  The tradition of eating pancakes on the day before Lent starts stems from people in the Middle Ages wanting to use up their eggs, sugar and any other luxurious ingredients before the fasting began.


Giving something up for Lent might not be as popular as it once was, but plenty of people still like to test their resolve and see if they can go for 40 days without sugar, coffee, alcohol or a favourite activity.  Some people see it as a challenge they can do to raise money for charity and this is a lovely modern twist on the idea which Jesus, as a charitable person, would surely have approved of.


Most people opt for a foodstuff to cut out, such as chocolate, sugar in general, alcohol, biscuits or cake, while some people like to give up a vice such as drinking alcohol or smoking.  In recent years there has been an increase in the number of similar events like Stoptober and Dry January and these are making abstinence, especially in aid of charity, more popular again.  Sometimes people give up a favourite activity, such as watching TV or gambling for Lent – what you choose to abstain from is a personal choice.


If you find your resolve wavering then harness the power of gemstones to get you back on track.  Gemstones have long been considered to have special powers and can help focus your mind on your goals.  Peridot is especially good for reducing stress and jealousy, so if you see someone scoffing cream cakes and you've decided to give those up for Lent then wear peridot to help you manage your jealousy and also make you feel calmer and more grounded in your resolve.  Our peridot birthstone earrings (Vivo, Purity and Orbit) are reasonably priced for gifting, as well as for treating yourself to, ahead of making a plan for Lenten abstinence.


Amethyst has been associated with calmness and balance for centuries and there is certainly something calming about the delicate purple tones which make you feel relaxed.  When we give up something we enjoy for Lent, amethyst can help us attain that balance again, because we might be wishing we could have just one bite of chocolate, or just a small glass of wine as a treat.  Amethyst is great for focusing back on what we have set out to achieve and everyone can look great wearing amethyst jewellery while doing so.  Again, our birthstone collections have classy, modern styles that suit everyone at a budget friendly price point and amethysts feature in many of our designs if you wanted to gift something bolder.


Citrine is another stone which has had associations of clarity and banishing negativity.  We might find ourselves having negative thoughts when we feel deprived of something we love, so citrine can help us align our thoughts on a more positive track again.  Citrine is also a fantastic colour for springtime too, the bright, vivacious yellow to orange tones mirror the daffodils and crocuses beautifully bringing a bit of sunshine to your look and your life.

In the spirit of Lent it would also be nice to lend jewellery, for harnessing that healing power of the stones as this is also a charitable act, and as a treat for sticking with your Lenten sacrifice, or a reward to someone else for achieving theirs, we think jewellery with these gemstones would also make the perfect presents.