Every gemstone has an association with a particular quality, or with an area of our lives where they can help.  As new gemstones have been discovered throughout human history new associations and superstitions have come with them, and in the modern day we can find crystals and gemstones that have the qualities to help us with anything we want to achieve.  The turn of the new year is a great time to utilise gemstones to help us achieve the things we want from the next twelve months, so read on to find out which gemstones are perfectly suited to which goals and dreams.

Amethyst is one of the most powerful and all-encompassing gemstones in existence.  The birthstone of February, amethysts are said to help with spiritual cleansing and transformations, helping us shed old habits and opening our minds to new paths.  Amethysts have a pretty purple colour and look great on most skin tones but are especially beautiful as earrings on people with blue eyes.  Our Orbit studs are perfect as an option which goes with many personal styles, while the Iris studs have a pretty floral accent.  Wearing an amethyst as a ring is a great way of reminding yourself of what the stone represents for you as you'll see it all the time.  If you like the Iris studs then the matching ring is for you, while fans of the sleek Orbit style will adore the amethyst Snow Dome ring.

Citrine is a stone for clarity and transformation, so if you're looking to make a big change in your life during 2022, you'd do well to invest in a citrine necklace.  Citrine helps to change negative energies into positive ones and to help us shift our internal perspective to align with what we truly want.  If you're after a little help at work, or at home, citrine is ideal for keeping you grounded while those around you lose their heads.

Gemmologists suggest that citrine is most powerful when worn close to the heart and our Purity necklace is ideal.  Simple yet elegant, the classic claw setting allows the stone to shine; because our necklaces come on adjustable chains you can wear it longer to tuck under your top if the colour doesn't match your outfit, or wear it shorter and more visible when you want to bring a ray of citrine sunshine to those around you.

As an energising stone, citrine is ideal for keeping you on track for health and wellness goals, especially if you really hate the gym but you want to create that habit in your life.  Using the transformative and energy shifting properties of citrine could help you discover the sport or workout style you love, so stick with it and keep your mind open to new ways of being your best self.

While there certainly are gemstones with certain transformative powers, such as amethyst and citrine, we shouldn't overlook the power of our internal thoughts to influence how we are feeling.  When we wear clothing or jewellery that makes us feel good outside and in, we can tap into that positivity and harness this power to keep us on track for our transformation goals of 2022.  You might wear amethyst or citrine pieces for their powers, but a favourite piece of jewellery (with or without gemstones) can also tap into the inner strength that rises up when we feel good about ourselves.