You'd have to be living under a rock to have missed Harry Styles in the fashion pages; although we haven't had many red carpet events in 2020, we can see his style choices from the 2019 Met Gala and other high profile events, where he has eschewed traditional menswear and accessories and is mixing it up with women swear and jewellery.  Billy Porter is another sartorial subverter, appearing in beautiful gowns for his red carpet events.  While the average man on the street is unlikely to start overtly wearing skirts and feminine clothing, the gender divide in fashion and jewellery is becoming very blurred, and men are starting to wear more jewellery and experiment with different styles.  The big hit of lockdown TV, Normal People, has also accelerated the trend, as Connell was always seen wearing a plain silver chain or a chain with a pendant. 


Although we design our jewellery with the modern woman in mind, there's nothing stopping anyone of any gender wearing our designs, so we've taken our pick of the best gender neutral jewellery in our range.  We're focusing on necklaces, as these are the most commonly worn items of jewellery for men, aside from watches and earrings.


Harry Styles has been seen wearing crucifix pendants, and we think our Itsy Bitsy Cross necklace should be in his jewellery collection.  The dainty pendant is just over 2cm tall, so it's ideal for wearing over a t-shirt or shirt for a little touch of glamour.  A single cubic sits at the axis of the cross, drawing attention to it in an understated manner.  If you'd prefer something a little chunkier then our Angelic necklace, with 74 micro-set cubic zirconia is ideal.  This crucifix pendant is completely gender neutral, looking great on anyone at any age.  If you're ever stuck for a gift idea, the Angelic necklace will be gladly received by all.


Our Circle of Life cubic necklace is another great neutral necklace that will work on anyone.  A circular pendant, studded with cubic zirconia hangs from our adjustable curb chain so the pendant can be worn at two lengths, over or under a shirt.  This sleek style works with a casual or a more formal look; it could even be dressed up as a central focus of your look – if you're a fan of wearing your shirt unbuttoned, this pendant will accessories your chest in all the right ways.


If you like the Circle of Life necklace, but you're after something chunkier our Journey necklace is ideal.  While it's not a complete circle, the swirl of this pendant in chunky sterling silver makes it a showstopper, accented by cubic zirconia at the top edges of the pendant.  This piece straddles the line between chunky and pretty, so it's ideal for men who want to push the boundaries with their style.  It's not overtly feminine, so while it will look pretty on women, it'll look cool and edgy on men, making it the perfect gift.


We've chosen mostly neutral jewellery here, because coloured gemstones can be hard for a man to pull off.  With that in mind, however, there are a couple of genderless pendants – our Red Orb and Vesper necklaces.  The rub-over mount style is very modern and neutrally styled, while the rubies and sapphires used have deep tones, which brings masculinity to the pieces.  These are quite understated styles, which could be dressed up or down depending on the overall look you want to achieve.  We think these necklaces are ideal for men who want to wear jewellery that's a little different from the typical male jewellery available.


Our Vivid necklaces, with a choice of gemstones, are set in a modern mount and would also be perfect for any gender; because you can pick your birthstone from the range, it will be a highly personal necklace that can be worn every day.  Coloured stones may not be to every man's taste, but this design style is a truly gender neutral one which allows for a wide scope of styling options, whoever is wearing it.


If you're a man wanting to experiment with more jewellery, then don't discount any range or designer just because they make “women's jewellery”; the actual piece is only half of the story, it's about how you style it, how you project your confidence and how well it fits with your personal style.