It's never too soon to get into the top jewellery trends for autumn and winter 2020, and while we might all be wishing this year would end, we can still enjoy the few months we have left in whatever way we can.  We think that jewellery can make a huge difference to your mood and your positivity – putting on a piece of jewellery you love and which looks great on you can lift you right up and put you in a good frame of mind, while trying out new trends can be a revitalising experience.


One of the main trends to emerge from the catwalks is the neo-Parisian look, involving cameo brooches and plenty of pearls.  The new twist on pearls was wearing them asymmetrically and layering several pieces together for a bold look.  Stacked piercings were also seen, so if you have multiple lobe piercings then wearing two pairs of pearl earrings is a great way to embrace this trend stylishly.  Our Pearl Candy earrings, featuring freshwater pearls on a sterling silver mount studded with cubic zirconia are perfect as a second pierce pair teamed with our Affinity drop pearl earrings in front.  This stacks the pearls in an attractive way on your lobes and is an easy way to get on board with the stacked piercings trend and the neo-Parisian pearls.


Wearing multiple pearl necklaces is also on trend right now, and because our necklaces come on adjustable chains you can easily wear two at different lengths, or even combine pendants on the same chain to add more pearls to the look.  The neckmess trend is also perfect for combining with the pearl trend, so don't be afraid to experiment and go bold with it.


The multiple stacked piercing look was most noticeable as part of the punk trend that was seen all over the catwalks.  Another aspect of the punk trend is chunky accessories, so think big rings, statement necklaces and wide bangles.  Our Fantasia bangle is great for the punk trend, along with the rings – these can be stacked up on one wrist or across one hand, mixed with heirloom pieces for a truly eclectic mix that embodies the punk aesthetic.  Our Wembley Arch collection with earrings, necklace and a ring, fit perfectly with this look thanks to their hammered silver finish and statement row of cubic zirconia across the centre in a tribute to the iconic Wembley Stadium.


Our Gemma and Solo Concerto rings are also chunky and punkie, with either cubic zirconia or coloured gemstones sprinkled across the multiple bands.  Mix these with the Wembley Arch ring or one of the Fantasia options for a real punk-inspired look with a touch of class.


The other trends to be aware of include bright colours, statement earrings that touch the shoulder and eclectic accessories, so when you're playing with these look ideas don't be afraid to get creative and try out different combinations, mixing pieces you already own with some new ones to achieve a unique, individual look that can't be copied.


There will certainly be a return to a more minimal look in the future of fashion, but for now the key is “more is more” - you can't wear too many accessories in the current fashion climate.