We design our jewellery to be versatile and stylish, so although we don't jump on trend bandwagons we do look at what's fashionable, and develop pieces which nod to those trends while still being wearable for the modern woman.  The big jewellery trends for spring and summer 2020 are on the catwalks already, so we've selected our pieces we think are most on trend for the next season. 


Colourful jewellery is big for 2020, and featured heavily in the catwalk shows of Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs.  Our Rainbow Cocktail collection is perfect for this trend and the pieces look great together for a bold look.  The earrings, necklace and ring can be worn as an ensemble for a night out on the town, or individually for a workplace look which is stylish but still appropriate for the office.  If you like the colourful trend, but prefer your jewellery to be less flashy then the Tutti Frutti collection is perfect.  With four colours of gemstone (blue topaz, green peridot, yellow citrine and purple amethyst) this collection includes the colourful trend, but does so in an understated way, while using cubic zirconia to create a dazzling sparkle.


Some catwalk trends are hard to translate into the real world, such as the single earring trend which is coming up.  We have seen statement earrings and even mismatched earrings making a splash in the fashion world, but the single earring look can be hard to pull off.  The key to making it look good, and not like you have lost or forgotten an earring, is to wear a really big statement earring and put a simple stud in the other ear.  This shows that you have chosen to wear one earring rather than looking like you've had a heavy night out!  Drop earrings are best for this trend, but it's definitely a look for the bold and those who don't mind explaining that they are intentionally wearing a single earring!  Big hoops are also set to come back and again, this can be a hard trend to wear in daily life.  We have some gorgeous hoop earrings, but nothing of the enormous scale we've seen in the catwalk shows.


Oversized chains were a staple of the 2019 collections and it's a trend which shows no signs of stopping soon.  This trend fits in nicely with the oversized trends of earrings and bold colours but it can be difficult to get the balance right between nodding to the oversized trend and looking like Mr T from The A-Team!  Our Line of Love bracelet fits the oversized chain trend with its design – large loops are connected with smaller ones to create an elegant bracelet, which uses the large chain link style in a wearable way which won't date.


Pearls are the last big trend for 2020 and we have plenty of pearl pieces to choose from.  Our responsibly sourced freshwater pearls have a natural lustre, which looks fantastic against every skin tone and are especially flattering on women aged 30 and over.  Our pearl collection includes modern and traditional styles, so there is something for everyone.  Purely for simplicity we like the Full Moon and Purity earrings, but if you want something more ornate you're sure to find it.


Get ahead of the rest of the fashion pack with these pieces, which reflect the big trends while remaining wearable and stylish for everyone.