This year is the 75th anniversary of VE Day and with a special public holiday to mark the occasion there will be celebrations and commemorations across the country.  We will remember the people who sacrificed their lives for the safety and the future of others, the triumph over fascism, and celebrate those who survived to tell the tales.  Of course, street parties and other events will have a 1940s theme, so people will dress up and accessorise in the spirit of the period and our jewellery is ideal for adding a touch of glamour.


As its VE Day opt for red gems like garnet or ruby, or blue gems like topaz to represent the red and blue of the Union Jack.  Our Cherry Bomb garnet earrings have a retro cluster style to them making them ideal for this look.  They're versatile enough to wear with modern outfits, while the vintage nod makes them pair well with 40's style dresses as they're not too showy.  The matching necklace and ring can be added for an elegant, put-together look which embodies the period perfectly.  The Classico ruby pieces also have a vintage style that works really well with a period outfit, as they look like the style of piece that might have been inherited at the time.  During the war jewellery wasn't a priority so people didn't really invest in new pieces, preferring to wear older styles they had been left by relatives, so for a really authentic look the Classico ruby set is perfect.


If you're after blue accessories our Lovable and Regal Blue rings embody the period in the same way the Classico design does, and there's a sapphire version of the Classico design if you love that look for a 40's feeling.  Matching earrings, necklaces and rings in all these designs allow you to pick and choose what you accessorise with, but remember many people wouldn't have had the full set of anything just after the war, with the exception of the upper classes that would have been able to afford the pieces beforehand.  When accessorising an authentic 40's look, opt for no more than two pieces of jewellery plus a brooch.  Brooches were much more fashionable during that period than now and they would often be worn with a shawl or scarf, so you can add some glamour that way.  Why not wear a relative's badge or medal from the time as a brooch?


Our Melody sapphire or ruby necklaces are inspired more by a 1930s art nouveau style, but because this style would still have been relatively recent in 1945, they would be ideal to accessorise with for VE Day celebrations.  The design is simple enough to be worn in the modern day with a variety of outfits, but when paired with 1940s clothing they will tell a story.


It's not just the jewellery which evokes that 40's feeling, shoes, handbags and hairstyles also go a long way to creating the right look.  Shoes should be flat or with a low, practical heel.  Many people would have had 2 pairs of shoes at the most, so they needed to be sensible for everyday wear.  Brogues are a style in keeping with the period and you can find suitable examples in many charity shops.  Handbags would have been simple, and perhaps ones which had been used for many years.  Short straps are more in keeping with the period than a long, cross body style, so look for clutch bags or ones which can be worn in the crook of the elbow – if in doubt ask yourself whether the Queen would wear it.


In terms of hairstyle, there are a few signature elements to a 40's do.  Rolls and curls were very popular and there were hardly any straight hairstyles.  Partly to do with the fashion of the time, and partly because hair care could be a timely exercise (especially when shampoo became scare) these curled and pinned styles meant women could leave a week or longer between washes.  Headscarves were also popular for hiding dirty hair and keeping it away from the face in a practical yet stylish manner, so if you can't get your hair to hold a curl opt for a headscarf or hat to cover your head.