Following the success of the Netflix series Bridgerton we expect the shops this spring to feature more than a couple empire line dresses as people try on the Regency look for size.  The empire line dress is flattering for nearly every body shape, so it's a sure-fire winner on the high street, but if you want to go all the way and accessorise with Georgian style you'll need some beautiful jewels to complete your look.


The tiaras and heavily adorned collar necklaces of the time haven't stayed in fashion, and instead of being a fixture of modern dressing they are consigned to the jewellery box and reserved for special occasions.  However, there are many design styles and pieces which pay homage to the Regency period that you can wear every day. 


The cluster style is perhaps the most notable style of the time and it has persisted, especially in rings and earrings, right through to the modern day.  The cluster style takes a central feature stone and surrounds it with smaller cuts of the same, or a complementary stone to create a cluster of gems.  Our Classico collection, with sapphire, ruby or emerald as the central stone, is the closest design we have to the authentic clusters of the time, hence the name.  This look is timeless and elegant, so it's ideal for wearing to reference Bridgerton or other period dramas and novels, but the pieces can work equally well to lend an air of sophistication to a simple business outfit.


It was fashionable for women to own a complete matching set of jewellery, which would normally include earrings, a necklace, a ring, brooch and two bracelets.  The entire set would be worn at once, with a tiara or adorned belt added for the evening.  Our Classico sets include a ring, earrings and a necklace, but our Ultra Blue bangle would work perfectly with the Classico sapphire pieces, while the Ultra Red would be perfect for the Classico ruby collection.  Matching sets were de rigueur in the period, and women would not be encouraged to mix styles or designs.  This would have been taken as a sign of independence, which was discouraged at the time as middle and upper class families sought to marry off their daughters to richer families.  As Jane Austen wrote, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife”.  Keeping up appearances, and abiding by the many social and fashion rules of the time was incredibly important.


The Camellia collections, with either garnet or aquamarine, would be in keeping with the Regency style albeit with a modern twist.  Floral inspired jewellery was popular in the period and these pieces follow the cluster style as well as referencing flowers.  This design is striking and wearable, so it's ideal to wear as an ensemble with an empire line gown, or with modern clothes for a pretty accent.  If you're on a budget, our Dimple collections use the cluster idea but without the extra stones (and matching price tag); instead, the sterling silver mount features bubbles of silver which give the look effectively, and as there are three pieces to each set (citrine or amethyst stones) they're perfect for the Regency look.


Pearls, as a timeless classic, were also popular in the Regency period, and our Twinkle earrings and matching necklace are an excellent tribute to the style of the time.  Teardrop shaped pearls were all the rage at the time, so these earrings and necklace are totally in keeping with the trend.  It was quite popular to wear ribbons instead of chains round one's neck, so to make the Twinkle pieces really fit the period style why not slip the pendant off the chain and thread it onto a ribbon for a truly authentic look?  Our Brides Bracelet will work with any pearl pieces to complete the look.


We can't promise you'll bag the Duke of Hastings, but you'll certainly look the part.  For a romantic spring look try out the Regency style, you may just fall in love.