You only get one first impression because that’s what it is … a person’s first impression.  When going on a first date how we look forms an important part of that first impression.  Of course, looks aren't everything and personality is definitely a higher priority in the long run, but it's how we present ourselves that cements that first impression.  Women often wear their hair down for romantic occasions, as it frames our faces and also allows for that subtly flirty signal of playing with your hair as a signal you're interested.  This means that dangly earrings could be hidden among your hair, and even get caught up – not an ideal situation for making a positive impact!


With your hair down, some pretty, sparkly studs look gorgeous, glinting subtly from your face, as you tuck a lock behind your ear.  With red being the colour of passion we think the Cherry Bomb earrings are the ideal first date earrings.  Rich red garnet is surrounded by a beautifully crafted bubble effect sterling silver mount studded with cubic zirconia, which add sparkle and reflect light onto the central garnet.  There is a matching necklace which goes perfectly with the earrings for a grown up, classy appeal.  Paired with the Vivo garnet necklace for a youthful look, the Cherry Bomb earrings give an aesthetic which is young, pretty and passionate.


If you're going for a meal on your date, then bangles and bracelets can be a bit distracting, especially if you're not used to wearing them.  Nothing spoils a romantic moment faster than the loud clatter of bracelets against a plate, so you may want to save bracelets for a different occasion.  If you're holding hands a lot you might find that a rigid bangle digs in, so a flexible bracelet is more suitable.  If your wrists are delicate and dainty and you want to show them off then opt for something like our Lifeline bracelet, a modern piece with up to date style, or our Deep Joy bracelet.  These are both versatile enough to work at the office and for catch ups with your girlfriends, so as an investment they're worth it.


A necklace is a great idea for a first date as it draws attention to your upper body and face, and if you're trying to show off your cleavage then there's no more effective way to do that than with a statement necklace.  Our Spicy Red necklace features a large oval cut garnet, in a stylish modern mount which is on the pretty side of chunky, so it draws attention without demanding it.  The mount also has modern elements around the side, so it's a sizeable piece with depth to it, making it stand out against your skin or clothing.  There are matching earrings for this piece and they are also a gorgeous accompaniment, but perhaps less sparkly than the Cherry Bomb ones.  If you have shoulder length hair or shorter, then the Spicy Red earrings won't get lost in your mane.  Women with long hair may find they need something with more cubic zirconias to ensure they shine out.


On a first date you're sending signals with what you wear, and while these might not be overtly interpreted by your date, they may draw subconscious conclusions from what you wear.  It's best to keep it classy and understated, unless you have a really bold personality that needs over the top accessories.  If you buy something new for your date, make sure you also wear something you love and treasure, or a sentimental piece for a subtle confidence boost.  After all, you're trying to make a good impression as yourself, not as someone completely different!