This time we're turning our attention to the jumpsuit.  Love it or hate it, the jumpsuit never goes out of the fashion cycle for very long, whether it's as a 70s style denim number, or it's short legged cousin the playsuit, it comes back time and time again.  It's not the most practical of outfits and is definitely reserved for nights out and events where you will get photographed but worn well a jumpsuit can be business-appropriate or flirty and fun, depending on the cut, colour, but most importantly how you style it.


One of the issues many women have with all-in-one clothing (apart from the obvious toilet dilemma), is that it can be unflattering around the waist area if it's not cut for your particular body type.  A belt often fixes that problem, and using a silk scarf as a belt can also elevate the look to new heights and cover your tummy at the same time.  A belt or sash isn't the only accessory, however, as playsuits look great accessorised with earrings and bangles.  Necklaces can work well with jumpsuits, but if they're highly patterned a necklace can be too much for a sophisticated look.


Like maxi dresses, jumpsuits can swamp a shorter figure, however, wearing heels and using accessories in the right place you can still make it work.  Heels obviously add height and they also provide a focal point at the bottom of the silhouette.  This should be balanced with statement earrings, defining the upper proportion of the silhouette, while a couple of well-chosen bangles complete the look perfectly.  Earrings with some movement are ideal for pairing with a jumpsuit and depending on the colour we have some perfect options for you.  Our Duo Vert and Duo Bleu earrings have a little movement and are sparkly and grown up at the same time.  The blue option is especially flattering thanks to the two different shades of topaz used.


If you're taller, then our Bella Collezione earrings are a good match for a jumpsuit.  They are more ornate and have more going on than the Duo ones, but if you have extra height this means you can get away with more detail in your accessories when wearing a jumpsuit.  The dazzling cubic zirconia in these earrings means they go with everything and can even lend themselves to formal events.  A well cut jumpsuit paired with these earrings would be ideal for an awards ceremony or corporate dinner, even a red carpet event.  Whatever your height the Devotion earrings, available with topaz or opal stones, are perfect for accessorising a sleek silhouette like a jumpsuit and they have the movement that you need to balance out the sharp lines of a tailored one-piece.


In terms of bangles, we think stacking two or more is a fun way of accessorising, but if you're short you might find one does the job with more panache than multiple ones.  Our Twister bangle is fun, modern and stylish and goes with everything, so it's definitely a solid investment for your jewellery collection.  Our Titanic and Icicle bangles are great for stacking as they complement each other well, but if you're going for just one then choose the Tutti Frutti bangle.  Subtle gemstones at the end of each spray can help tie the bangle to your colour scheme, while the modern design will draw admiration from all around.