Most of us might not be wearing evening gowns and getting our hair professionally done for swanky soirees or weddings all that frequently, so when we do have the opportunity, we want to make the most of it.  This is your chance to wear a full ensemble in a setting where it will be expected that you are dripping with jewels, so go all out and wear something lavish.  It can be hard to wear all four pieces of a four-piece collection at the same time, without looking out of place at your local pub but an evening do is ideal, and you can even work a piece into your hair if you want to keep things on the subtle side.  Bangles and rings can easily be slipped round a bun or round a section of a complex hairstyle, just don't forget they're there when it's time to go to bed!


Our cocktail jewellery works perfectly in this type of setting, as it is large enough to make an impact and hold its own against the fantastic jewels everyone else will be wearing. The purple and blue sets work best with complementary colours, such as pale blues and pinks, while the Rainbow cocktail pieces work beautifully with black, white and silvery greys.  These collections have three pieces, which is an easy number to work with and because they all match, you won't have to worry about what goes with what.


If you're after something a little simpler but still with an impact, then our Regal Blue collection is ideal.  Large topaz stones are surrounded by cubic zirconia on the ring and earrings; the Grand Regal Blue necklace, pairs with them so well by using accents of the design in such a way that the necklace will actually draw attention the earrings and frame your face at the same time.  This three piece set is simply stunning and looks a lot more expensive than it is.  If you want to make a splash without splashing thousands this is the jewellery for you.


Like the style of the Regal Blue but want something more neutral in tone?  Our Opaltine set is perfect.  The ring, necklace and earrings all use beautifully iridescent opal in a sterling silver mount, accented by cubic zirconia down one side.  We adore the shimmering properties of opals and we think they're the perfect choice for jewellery which looks expensive and like it has been passed down through the family.  You can wear opals with nearly any colour and they will match, so this set gives you leeway in what you wear with it – this versatility means investing in the Opaltine set is a lifetime investment.


Pearls are perfect for all occasions, but an evening event where you're in a long gown with a perfectly finished up-do is a great place to showcase your impeccable taste in pearl jewellery.  Our Catch a Star set, with a ring, necklace and earrings uses stunning freshwater pearls surrounded by a halo of cubic zirconia.  This stunning mount has art deco styling to it, so if you're at a stately home or themed event these pieces are perfect, with that nod to the period and a style which will age beautifully.  As with the Opaltine set, the Catch a Star set is versatile enough for pieces of it to be worn every day for a finishing touch, and because pearls are a traditional for bridal jewellery, you can lend some of these pieces as a “something borrowed”.


Finally, if you want an ensemble which really brings those vintage styling’s to the fore then the Classico design is for you.  Available with emerald, ruby or sapphire these three piece sets use an antique inspired cluster setting and are fabulous for posh events where some fellow guests might be wearing the family jewels.  With the Classico pieces on you will look right at home.