Meeting friends for brunch can be the highlight of your weekend, whether you're nursing a small hangover or relaxing after a hard day in the garden, it's a great opportunity to unwind and catch up with your closest pals over some delicious food.  There's no particular dress code for brunch, but the jeans and shirt look is ideal as is anything else casual.  Whatever you're wearing, brunch is about friendship and working through the events of the week with the people who know you best, so the focus of this article is on the powers associated with gemstones which you might need.


Gemstones have long had associations with different moods and qualities, that's why some are associated with a particular birth month.  We think a Sunday brunch catch up should leave you feeling calm, happy and revitalised ready to face the week ahead, so amethyst is a fantastic stone to wear.  Amethyst is one of the stones with the most associations and it is said to help with just about everything, including clarity of thought, insightfulness and protection against negativity.  If you know some of the brunch conversation could be deep and meaningful, then amethyst is ideal for your accessories. 


Our amethyst Snow Dome ring is perfect, an understated piece which works with casual looks really well; this could be the cornerstone of your brunch look.  Our Dreamy amethyst clip on earrings are also lovely, and even if you have pierced ears these are comfortable to wear and give your lobes a break from the heavy earrings you might have donned for your night out the day before.


Citrine is also protected against negativity and promotes self-expression and concentration.  These qualities make it perfect for wearing to catch ups with friends.  Our Orbit citrine earrings would be beautiful to wear to brunch and the vital yellow colour is sure to bring the mood of your friendship group up.  If you're feeling fancy you could opt for the Clementine earrings, but if you're meeting at a cafe they might be a bit over the top.  That said, if you have a big personality then why not express that through your jewellery?


If a friend is going through a hard time aquamarine jewellery can help boost compassion and empathy, as well as provide clarity of thought, so you could wear a piece or give a piece as a gift.  Our Vita collection has aquamarine earrings and a necklace at a reasonable price point.  Lapis Lazuli is also fantastic for these situations as it enhances truth, encourages people to act with dignity and compassion towards those who are struggling and aids perspective.  Our Star Catcher necklace or Arabian Nights earrings would be perfect for a brunch session and they are pretty and bohemian in style, making them ideal for a catch up where you might be helping a friend through a rough patch.


Wearing your birthstone to brunch is also a nice, personal way of accessorising your look in a laid back way, so check out our birthstone pieces for your stone and get in touch with yourself and your friends over brunch.