Welcome back to our “get the look” series where we look at classic outfits and situations and pair up our jewellery with the aesthetic for a flawless look.  This time we're looking at jewellery to take you from the gym to meeting friends for coffee or a glass of wine. 


Wearing jewellery while you work out is not ideal and should be avoided to reduce the chance of breaking or damaging your finery, as well as the chance you could cause yourself an injury if it gets caught on your clothing or equipment.  For this reason the best jewellery to have when you're going from the gym to meeting friends, or vice versa, are sturdy pieces that are easy to put on, which won't break in your bag and which won't be badly affected by sweat or other chemicals.


Pearls are a no-no for situations like these as they are very delicate and can be damaged by sweat and skincare products you might use after showering off.  Instead, tougher stones like cubic zirconia are ideal because they aren't so delicate and are neutral, so they will go with any colour and any environment.  You can also opt for colours that really suit you and show off your skin, which will be glowing from your workout.  Lighter tones, like citrine, peridot and topaz work better than darker colours like emerald, ruby and sapphire for these looks.


Earrings are a great accessory to wear for any occasion and this is no exception.  Instead of studs or hoops, go for our drop earrings which use sturdy French wires that won't break or bend when stored in your bag.  As there's no butterfly back on French wires you can't lose it in your bag or down the drain in the changing room, so they're a great option for on-the-go situations.  Our Hoola Hoop earrings fit the bill perfectly and the slightly sporty name makes them the go-to earrings for post-gym catch ups.  These neutral sterling silver drop earrings are casual yet elegant, so they'll go perfectly with your post-workout messy bun or ponytail and add a touch of class to your casual clothes.


A necklace can be tricky to make work with a workout session as your sweat can damage the silver and stones, and depending on the activity you are doing it could be easily lost or get caught on equipment.  Residual sweat on your skin could also be bad for the jewellery, so if you're showering off after your workout then wearing a necklace should be fine, just allow time for any moisturiser to sink into your skin before putting it on.  Again, a sturdy piece which won't easily get damaged in your bag is best, which makes our Purity collection perfect.  A robust claw setting holds a large circular stone and you can choose your birthstone, or a colour you like wearing instead.  These necklaces are very versatile so they will work at a coffee shop or a wine bar and add just enough sparkle to look effortless without clashing with your post-workout gear.


Rings are another piece of jewellery that doesn’t match up well with exercising, and many women remove their wedding rings before exercise to prevent any accidental damage.  For some activities, however, wearing a ring is fine and our Snow Dome rings are ideally suited to being worn during low intensity exercise.  A sturdy band means if you take the ring off to exercise it will stand up well to being stored, and the cabochon cut of the stone also stops it catching in your gym clothes or towels.  With amethyst, peridot or topaz to choose from, these rings are perfect for a bright accent to your workout gear, adding a touch of class to your look.