This time in “get the look” we're focusing on the classic maxi dress for a garden party.  Maxi dresses are flattering on nearly every body shape and there are variations and accessories that make them a stunning look for everyone.  They're especially good for a garden party as they help keep your legs in the shade to avoid sunburn (and let you have a bit of lenience with the razor as well!), help keep you cool and also help keep your legs warm when the sun starts to fade.  As they pair well with shawls, cardigans and light jackets there's sure to be an outfit that will carry you through the day into the evening with little effort on your part.


Maxi dresses elongate the figure, so if you're already tall you don't need to worry about wearing dripping earrings or long necklaces to accentuate your frame.  Instead, you can focus on pretty studs and pendants that match the colours in your dress.  If you're planning to wear a cover up on top, then why not match one piece of jewellery to each element of your look?  This will look fantastic in the daytime and really come into its own when the sun goes down. 


If you're shorter, maxi dresses can swamp you, so look for one which doesn't meet the ground, but which stops just above your ankles.  This neat trick makes sure your feet can be seen which removes the illusion of being smothered by the dress.  You might also choose to wear a longer necklace (our chains can be worn at two lengths so they're versatile for this purpose) to balance out the dress and dangly earrings to help achieve that balance.  Avoid fussy styles if you're on the shorter side, as every element can combine to make a look too busy.  Simpler styles, like plain sterling silver or modern gemstones are perfect, and our Vivid birthstone collection has necklaces that will add glamour and shine, while remaining sleek and modern.


Bangles and bracelets work on anyone with a maxi dress and help keep the look cohesive all the way down – with a pretty bangle accentuating your wrist and hands you can avoid being worn by your dress instead of you wearing it, so consider stacking a couple of bangles on one wrist to make an impact.  This is an especially good look if you're eschewing a necklace on this occasion, because it brings that glamour all the way down your outfit.  Our Titanic bangle paired with a tennis bracelet, such as our IceFire one, would look stunning and our Twister bangle is a versatile piece that will work for a garden party and many other occasions.


Our Tutti Frutti bangle is another piece that's simply perfect for a garden party, or anywhere else you might wear a maxi dress; the four coloured gemstones add interest while ensuring it matches at least one colour of your outfit.   Our Rhapsody and Gelato bangles also have a lot of colour and sparkle so will look amazing with a maxi dress, accentuating your wrist and making you look like a goddess.  Paired with a plainer bangle, such as our Icicle bangle; a stack of two or three pieces will create a stunning look, which will be admired by everyone.  If you're going to accessorise with bangles then steer clear of fussy rings, as this can look over the top and wear the bangles on your right wrist if you have an engagement and/or wedding ring you wear all the time.