We're once again in the decade of the Roaring Twenties, albeit 100 years after the titular one.  With global events striking some chords with the events of a century ago, it will be interesting to see the influence of these on jewellery design and general aesthetics; however the style and fashions of the 1920s are still very relevant today.


Key features of 1920s jewellery style are multiple strands of necklaces, drop shaped earrings and cluster style rings which hark back to an earlier time but are still within that geometric style that is so intrinsically linked with the Art Deco movement.  Our necklaces can be worn at two different lengths which makes them perfect for this look.  Our Melody Sapphire necklace is ideal at the shorter length, paired with the Sophsiticato Collezione necklace or the Raindrop necklace.  Our Reverso necklaces are also influenced by the 1920s style, and our Opaltine necklace is just stunning for wearing as homage to the period.


Pearls are good for a 1920s look and our Pearldrop earrings draw a lot of inspiration from the elegant style of the time.  An oval shaped pearl is suspended on an elongated teardrop shape mount, itself pave set with cubic zirconia.  The Pure earrings draw even more on the symmetrical design style of the time, with three discs of pave set cubic zirconia increasing in size as they descend towards an oval shaped pearl.  Either of these earrings is well in keeping with the period and because they're also modern you can wear them every day too.


Our Bright Lights or Inferno rings are 1920s inspired, with their bold square cut central stones and cluster style; whereas the simple Vivacious Violet ring relies on the impact of the beautiful square amethyst to stand out on your hand.  The Shimmer ring, with an opal set in a spiky mount adorned with cubic zirconia is also a lovely style to wear for a 1920s theme.  Opals were very popular at the time as a symbol of wealth and excess, so the playful style of the Shimmer ring is well in keeping with the ethos and aesthetic of the period.


While we do draw on vintage and retro influences for our design inspiration, we always want to produce timeless classics that are versatile enough be worn all the time and which won't lose their appeal in the future.  If you're invited to a 1920s themed party our jewellery will make your costume look incredibly authentic but you can still wear it in your modern life too.