After months of frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizers and wearing gloves our hands have taken a bit of a beating.  Anyone who treated themselves to a regular manicure has had to endure weeks of waiting to get a treatment but now that nail bars and salons can open (with some restrictions), thankfully a manicure is a possibility again.  A lot of us may be shying away from wearing our favourite rings as we don't want to draw attention to our hands; and it must be said that very dry or cracked skin doesn't show your jewellery in the best light either.


Even with a professional manicure, the amount of wear and tear our hands are going through now will cause dry skin, irritation, dull nails and even rashes in the worst cases.  Happily, there are some things we can do at home to make our hands grateful for the pampering, and open up the possibility of flaunting our nicest rings again.


Although we're applying more friction to our hands than normal, thanks to the frequent washing and drying, it's still a good idea to exfoliate.  Using an exfoliating mitt or a scrub, gently rub all over your hands up to the wrists, paying special attention to the areas in between your fingers and over the knuckles.  This helps to remove dead skin cells all over your hands, not just in the areas that get the most friction day-to-day.  Once you have exfoliated you're ready to moisturise.


Use a good quality hand cream or balm – those with known dry skin problems may have a prescribed hand cream, but anything formulated for dry hands will work.  There are many great tried and tested creams for very dry and hardworking hands, that are non-greasy and can be easily absorbed into the skin and some are unscented, so it won't interfere with your perfume scent or trigger any allergies.  Coconut oil is also a great option for intensely moisturising your hands and it will also soften your cuticles.


Keeping your cuticles in good condition helps promote health nail growth, so when they are nicely softened, gently push back the cuticles towards the nail bed.  Not only does this make your nails look longer and keeps them healthy, it also helps prevent infection in dry and cracked cuticles.  If you paint your nails then having well groomed cuticles will make even a home manicure look professional.


Now that your hands are in fabulous condition, why not make a point of wearing a different ring every day and showing off your soft, smooth hands?  Our Daisy and Camellia rings are lovely for the end of summer, carrying the theme of blooming flowers as the season draws to an end.  Going into autumn, vibrant reds and yellows reflect the changing colours of nature, so our Cherry Bomb ring is ideal, or the citrine Dimple ring for a yellow tone.


You could even add a bangle to draw attention to your hands if you're particularly pleased at how they look after all that pampering.  Our Fantasia mini bangle draws attention to the wrist in a subtle way, while our Gelato bangle brings the vibrancy of citrine to your look, ideal for the cooler summer nights as we head into autumn.